Sprint Customers Truly Taking Advantage of Unlimited Data

As the last of the major national carriers to maintain an unlimited data plan for smartphones, a recent study shows that Sprint subscribers are fully aware of the benefits and are taking advantage of their data plans. Unlike AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which charges for tiered and metered data plans, and T-Mobile, which throttles your data after a certain monthly allocation depending on your plan, Sprint offers unlimited 4G data on its WiMax network. A survey from Validas shows that Sprint subscribers consume on average and on medium just shy of double what the next-largest customers consume, which is on AT&T.

Still, even if Sprint customers are data hogs on average, the average data usage per person still is no where near the 2 GB monthly cap on the highest data plan offered on AT&T and the base plan offered through Verizon Wireless. Sprint’s customer consume on average 779 MB of smartphone data per month, compared to 425 MB on AT&T and 394 MB on Verizon. As these figures are averages, there are some smartphone customers who consume very little data and there are a number who consume a lot more data, and the latter group would most likely be impacted if Sprint went the route of metered data plans.

For now, the carrier says that it will try to offer unlimited data plans for as long as it can.

Via: Consumer Reports