Sprint Locking iPhone 4S SIM Card Slots

Starting today, Sprint is now locking the SIM card slots of each iPhone 4S they sell upon activation. This means that customers won’t be able to use SIM cards from other networks in the smartphone, a move that will mostly affect those who travel abroad.

Prior to today Spring wasn’t locking the SIM slot, and for now it looks like anyone who bought an iPhone before won’t have to worry about this limitation.

But woe betide those who are late to the iPhone party.

iPhone 4S

Apparently Sprint said it will allow “customers in good standing” to unlock for international travel. So new customers are out of luck, then? Way to welcome them to your service! Maybe it just means anyone who’s paid their bill.

If this is a major concern, Apple is now selling unlocked iPhone 4S units in the U.S. You won’t get that beautiful carrier subsidy that keeps the price at $199 or so and you can only use it on GSM networks, not CDMA.

It’s a shame that carriers always have to do something to ruin a good time or to make things more difficult for their customers.