Sprint Will Activate Verizon Galaxy Nexus on the Now Network?

There have been reports by users in communications with Sprint customer service, retail stores, and online chat that the carrier is willing and capable of activating a Verizon Galaxy Nexus on its own 3G Now Network. As Sprint and Verizon both operate the same 2G and 3G airwaves on the same spectrum, the move wouldn’t be difficult and in the past, we’ve heard of popular smartphones being activated on the other’s network when there was a period of exclusivity involved.

It’s unclear if Sprint will be flashing the Galaxy Nexus in the back to make activation possible or if the process can be done over the phone without having to visit a local retail store. In a chat with a Sprint representative online, a Phandroid reader was informed that they could visit a Sprint retail store to get the phone activated.

Those wishing to perform the activation on Sprint would not benefit from Sprint’s 4G network, however, as Sprint and Verizon operate different 4G technologies and spectrums. Sprint users wanting faster mobile broadband access should wait for the carrier to get its own 4G version of the Galaxy Nexus.

In the past, when Sprint had short exclusivity periods on the Palm OS Treo, enterprising Verizon Wireless customers wishing to obtain the device and operate it under their carrier of choice were able to do hacks at home to flash the device’s OS and ROM and call customer service to activate on Verizon’s network.

Given Sprint’s openness to the Galaxy Nexus and the carrier’s support of the preceding Nexus S 4G, it stands a chance that Sprint would someday in the future be getting its own version of the Galaxy Nexus on its network.