Star Wars Battlefront: 5 Things to Know After Christmas

If you just got Star Wars Battlefront or you’re thinking about buying Star Wars Battlefront for PS4, Xbox or PC in the near future, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as we push towards the new year.

Tons of people have come down with Star Wars fever thanks to the release of EA and DICE’s new edition of Star Wars Battlefront and the release of Star Wars Battlefront The Force Awakens in theaters around the world.

Star Wars Battlefront Battlefront has been a popular game this holiday season. Many of you have already jumped into the game and many others will have it on their wish list as we push away from December 25th.


Some of you might be looking to buy it for yourself, a friend or a family member. Battlefront has received mixed reviews but it will only get better as EA and DICE roll out bug fixes and new DLC content.

If Star Wars Battlefront is on your shopping list, or if you just now started playing, take a look at this roundup. It’ll cover some last-minute Battlefront deals to take advantage of, some new details about DLC, reasons to and not to buy the game as a gift, and some tips that will help you if you plan to fire the game up on Friday.

Once you get these details absorbed, take a look at our Star Wars Battlefront guide.

Star Wars Battlefront Deals

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Star Wars Battlefront Deals

If you've got your eyes on Star Wars Battlefront for yourself or a family member, know that you don't have to pay full price for the game. 

There are a number of Star Wars Battlefront deals out there and here are a few of the best ones available to those of you looking to buy the Xbox One, PS4 or PC version of the game.

Amazon and Costco are offering two of the best post-Christmas Star Wars Battlefront deals and they're worth a look if you're interested in picking up the Xbox One or PS4 version of the game. 

If you are looking to buy the PC version, you can take 25% off if you buy through Green Man Gaming. For those that are bad at math, this drops the price of the game down to a mere $45. This is probably as good as it's going to get in 2015.

Some deals have dried up, yes but there's still not reason to pay $60 for this game. 

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