StartTalking Demo: A Safer Way to Text and Drive (video)

I caught up with the guys from Adelavoice last week at GigaOm’s Mobilizie 2010 conference in San Francisco. They were showing off StartTalking, an Android app that can help curb the dangers of Texting While Driving (TWD).

The dangers of TWD are very real and arguably far worse than simply talking on a mobile phone while driving. While many cars have built-in hands free systems for placing and receiving calls, there aren’t any equivalents to handle text messages.  The result? Drivers pick up their phones, shift their focus to read the text and type with their thumbs to reply.

Comunicano’s StartTalking app allows Android device users to send voice messages and text messages with their voices. It’s 100% hands free and ‘eyes free.’ One thing that I really like about StartTalking is that it’s always listening, even when the display is off. In fact, the company recommends using the the app with the screen turned off to prevent distractions even further and to maximize battery life.

StartTalking uses Google’s built-in voice recognition engine and it seems to perform pretty well. If it doesn’t play nicely with your diction, you can simply command the app to send a recording of your voice.

You can download the Android app today over at An iPhone equivalent is coming soon.

If you’re still texting while driving or know someone that is, take a look at this horrific public service announcement.