Still Waiting for my iPhone 3GS

I’ve been waiting in line at the SF Stownstown Apple Store for about an hour and a half. I’m finally in the store and blogging from a MacBook Pro that’s on display here. The Apple employees have been friendly in general and I passed the time talking to several people who came out early to get their new iPhones.

This store’s pretty well organized. There were two lines out in front of the mall of about equal length. One line was for those who’d already reserved and paid for their iPhones, the other was for those who were pre-authorized or walk-ins. They let groups of five customers into the mall at a time, but they let pre-order customers in twice as often as pre-authorized customers.

An Apple employee was handing out vouchers and he had plenty to go around. At this store, the 32GB white iPhone 3GS was sold out to pre-order customers.

My only complaint is that the line here is broken up Disneyland style. After they let us into the mall, I had to wait in a shorter line in front of the Apple store for about half an hour. Once I was let into the Apple store I was told there were three people ahead of me and shown a stool and this MacBook Pro. That was about 15 minutes ago.

Everyone in line I talked to except for one lady was upgrading from an older iPhone. The lady that was new to iPhone said she was really drawn to the Blackberry Storm, but held out for an iPhone 3GS after hearing the price would be $199. She’s not a techie and said she’s never waited in line for a phone before. ¬†Despite AT&T’s service contracts being much more expensive than the initial purchase, I think a lot of consumers are highly sensitive to the phone price tags they see in ¬†advertisements.

Two people I talked to in line had heard of and are planning on selling their old iPhones after they activate their iPhone 3GS’s.

update: iPhone 3G S is activated and working smoothly. Unfortunately, my neighborhood still has spotty 3G service and really detracts from the coolness of the new upgrade.