How to Stop Apps from Using Mobile Data in iOS 7

With the introduction of iOS 7 comes a heap of new features on top of the obvious new look of the user interface. iOS 7 gets rid of the bubbly and shiny UI of the previous iOS versions in favor of a flatter, more simple look with vibrant color palettes. However, iOS 7 also includes some new hidden features, including background app refresh.

We already told you how to get a handle on apps that refresh in the background, but for apps that you’ve kept enabled for background refreshing could still be using your cellular data to refresh its content. Here’s how you can stop certain apps from using up your precious mobile data while on the road.

iOS 7 Hidden Features Secret

Disabling Access to Cellular Data

To see a list of apps that have the all-clear to use cellular data, open up the Settings app and navigate to Cellular. Scroll down to the section titled Use Cellular Data For: and you’ll see a list of apps with toggle switches next to each one.

Turn off any apps that you don’t want to use cellular data for. This can include apps like the App Store, FaceTime, Passbook, Photos, etc. For apps that you know you’ll use while on the go, be sure to keep them on, that way you can use them when you’re using 3G/4G data.

2013-09-22 16.39.31Why You Should Disable Access to Cellular Data

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan (which is probably most of you), then you most likely have a limited amount of data each month. Apps that consume a lot of data will quickly eat away at your monthly allotment. This can include app updates, FaceTime calls, syncing photos through Photo Stream and more. Disabling these kinds of apps will prevent them from sucking up your data, thus saving you cash on data overages.

Finding Out Which Apps Use the Most Data

To find out how which of your apps are the biggest data hogs, head to that same app list. You’ll see a number with “MB” next to it under each app name. This is how many megabytes that app has used over cellular data, so if you’re unsure of which apps to disable, start with apps that are consuming the most megabytes.