Stupid Crime Stories: Criminal Steals iPhone Being Tested for GPS Tracking

Crime doesn’t pay we’re told. It certainly doesn’t if you’re unlucky enough to steal an iPhone that is being tested at that moment for a real-time GPS tracking system. That’s what happened to Horatio Toure. On his bicycle he grabbed an iPhone out of an unsuspecting woman’s hands and took off. But that particular iPhone was in the process of being tested with a real-time GPS tracking system. The woman reported the incident and the folks doing the tracking called police. Mr. Toure was apprehended 10 minutes later after his location was told to the police. The team doing the tracking said they could have turned on the microphone or the camera but didn’t want to alert the robber.

The system being tested is called Alert & Respond and it is geared towards the military and police to track poeple and resources.

Via SFGate