SugarSync Cutting Off Free Users Feb 8

After a nice run as the go-to file syncing service for many users, free-loading SugarSync customers must pay up or get out starting February 8, 2014. The service sent out an email to customers yesterday stating that on that date, SugarSync will end their free service. That means people who don’t want to pay will need to turn to Google Drive, DropBox, Box or some other file synchronization service to backup and sync their files across devices.

We’ve recommended SugarSync for years after a review, where we found it easier to use than the more popular DropBox. SugarSync offers 5GB of free storage, but when that ends it will cost users $75/year for 60GB of service, if prices remain the same. That’s more than most will want to pay, so we suggest finding one of the many other free services listed below.

sugarsync email

Here’s the text of the letter sent out.

Dear SugarSync Subscriber,

Thanks for being part of the SugarSync family. We hope you’ve been getting the most out of our service and appreciate your support.

We wanted to let you know that as of February 8th, 2014, we will transition to a paid-only service. Since you are already a valued customer you don’t have to make any changes or updates. Your service will continue as you expect. If you have shared a folder with someone, they will continue to be able to view and edit files in that folder.

Thanks for your support. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

To learn more please read our press release.

Best regards,
The SugarSync Team


Free Alternatives to SugarSync

Here’s the best alternatives to SugarSync with their storage capacity and cost for upgrades to higher capacity.

  • Google Drive – 15GB free with upgrades available as low as $2.50/month for 50GB
  • Amazon Cloud Drive – 5GB free with upgrades as low as $10/year for 20GB
  • Box – 10GB free with upgrades as low as $5/month for 100GB
  • DropBox – 2GB free with upgrades as low as $10/month for 100GB
  • iDriveSync – 5GB free with upgrades as low as $35/year for 150GB
  • Microsoft SkyDrive – 7GB free with upgrades as low as $10/month for 27GB

All of these come with mobile apps for various devices. Google offers the most storage for free and the best paid upgrade deal, but the sync software doesn’t work as easily as others. Still, that’s the one  to beat so try it first. Then take a look at Amazon’s option and finally iDriveSync, a lesser known service but on that offers a good option and a nice upgrade price.