Super Monster Bros Is Everything Wrong With iPhone Games

While there are many great games available for the iPhone and iPad, there re also plenty of examples of terrible iOS games, and Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free is one of those.

The game is no longer available in the iOS App Store, but IGN has a video that shows just how terrible the game is. Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free (yes, that’s the full name) is a side-scrolling platformer with characters ripped right out of Pokémon and sound effects taken straight from Super Mario World.

The game is free to download, but any characters beyond the knock-off Charmander costs at least $4.99. Actually, only one character, a caveman, costs that much. Other characters including more knock-offs of Charizard, Squirtle and Blastoise cost either $49.99 of $99.99 each. Yes, different character skins cost up to $100 in Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free.

After selecting a character the game puts players into a world that makes most Flash games look like high art. Players have to navigate to get from the left side of the screen to the right by jumping over pits–the characters can’t really fall down–and defeat enemies.

Sadly, however, the developer of Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free even managed to use in-app purchases in the actual gameplay. Players get only five projectiles to start the game, and if they run out, the game gives them an option to buy more. There are ways to get more projectiles in the course of playing, but it’s insulting that it asks users to buy more immediately when they run out.


With bad art, bad gameplay, sounds and characters ripped from other games and ridiculous in-app purchases Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free represents the worst part of iOS gaming. Thankfully there aren’t too many games like it in the App Store, and there are some incredible games like Fish Out of Water out there for gamers.

While Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free is no longer in the App Store, gamers who want to know just how bad it is can download the developer’s other game, Super Robin Hood : Monster Hunt Bros, which looks just as terrible.