Swype sets touchscreen typing record, already set to be beaten

Samsung Mobile and Swype have made it official: using Swype, Franklin Page has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the fastest touchscreen typist around. And yet, I’m not convinced.

Page blazed through 160 characters 35.54 seconds, crushing the previous record of 40.91 seconds. That’s roughly 270 characters per minute or 54 words per minute. I would be extremely impressed, except I had already seen someone else shred that with 81 wpm on his iPhone.

Granted, this iPhone user named Drewbo isn’t certified by Guinness, but seeing is believing. Some have questioned whether he sped up the video, but the keyboard ticks aren’t sped up and there’s no noticeable speed shift when he finishes the test and talks for the second half. Guess we’ll see if he can really deliver if and when Guinness accepts the application he claims to have submitted. For the record, my one-thumb style in portrait can get me into the 30 wpm range.

Swype news via Carrypad