T-Mobile Galaxy Note Canceled, Galaxy Note 2 Incoming?

Yesterday, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note unexpected vanished from the carrier’s website and then proceeded to go out of stock at various retailers. And while speculation rested on a shock shortage, it would appear that the carrier has canceled the device altogether.

According to Android Police, T-Mobile has, in fact, slapped the EOL (End of Life) tag on the T-Mobile Galaxy Note just a few weeks after it launched.

Apparently, the device will officially die on November 1st though that date seems to rest on T-Mobile’s inventory which, at the moment, appears to be extremely low.

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The T-Mobile Galaxy Note has apparently been canceled.

While the device itself has been pulled from T-Mobile’s website, retailers like Costco and Walmart are completely out of stock with no end to the shortage in sight. It’s possible that the device will never be replenished considering the news.

T-Mobile itself has yet to confirm anything yet but it’s pretty clear that the carrier is trying to wipe its hands clean of the original Galaxy Note which launched in the first week of August.

Almost instantly there were questions about why T-Mobile was choosing to launch the device this late in the game, AT&T got its Galaxy Note in the first part of 2012, and it didn’t help that there was speculation about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the successor to the Galaxy Note which we now know will launch on August 29th.

If the cancellation of the T-Mobile Galaxy Note is true, and it looks like it is, we imagine that the carrier might opt to carry the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 instead.

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Thus far, we haven’t heard about HSPA+ connectivity for the Galaxy Note 2 though it remains possible. 4G LTE data speeds have been rumored and it’s possible that T-Mobile will launch the Galaxy Note 2 on its 3G network and then offer it on its 4G LTE network which is set to arrive in 2013.

Of course, that’s all speculation at this point but at the very least, we know that T-Mobile was very interested in hosting a Galaxy Note on its network and that could mean a Galaxy Note 2 in the future.

As for those who bought the Galaxy Note for T-Mobile, we hope that the carrier, at the very least, promises to still roll out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update which is rumored to be coming in Q4.