T-Mobile iPad Air Release Brings Free Data for Life, $0 Down Option

The T-Mobile iPad Air release is coming on November 1st complete with an offer for free data for life to T-Mobile iPad Air customers, that is available even if this is your first T-Mobile device. T-Mobile will also offer the $0 down offer on the iPad mini 2 release date, with monthly payments. The iPad mini is available for $0 down with additional payments as well.

In addition to the free data offer, buyers can purchase the iPad Air for $0 down from T-Mobile. This discount is for a limited time, after which consumers will need to pay up front for the iPad Air.

With this new T-Mobile iPad Air promotion the 16GB iPad Air is $0 down, the 32GB model is $99 down and the 64GB model is $199 down. Apple sells a 128GB iPad Air, but T-Mobile doesn’t mention it in this offer.

The iPad Air isn’t free though. Users don’t need to sign a T-Mobile service contract, but they will need to make 24 monthly payments of $26.25, which equals out to $630 for the base iPad Air model. This is the same price as buying it outright from Apple or on another carrier. The T-Mobile iPad 2 monthly payments are $22.08 and the T-Mobile iPad mini monthly payments are $17.91 for 24 months.

The T-Mobile iPad Air release arrives with a $0 down offer and free data for life.

The T-Mobile iPad Air release arrives with a $0 down offer and free data for life.

The T-Mobile iPad Air deal starts on November 1st and the free data includes 200MB of data per month on LTE. While this is not much data, it could be a nice deal for some users who don’t travel often and will mostly use the iPad Air on WiFi.

“When you buy a product as amazing as iPad, you should be able to connect when and where you want, simply and affordably,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “By offering free data for life with incredible upfront pricing, T-Mobile is un-leashing customers to fully enjoy iPad as it was meant to be enjoyed – mobile and connected.”

Users can upgrade to 500MB of LTE data for $10 if they are on a T-Mobile voice plan and add 2GB more for another $10. T-Mobile also sells daily and weekly passes for the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini. The daily passes offer 500MB of data for $5 or a week of unlimited data with 1GB of it at LTE speeds for $10. Adding to the options, the T-Mobile Simple Choice iPad Plan offers unlimited data in more than 100 Simple Global countries at no additional charge, for users on a qualifying plan.

The T-Mobile iPad mini and iPad Air releases are set for November 1st and the iPad mini 2 with Retina Display release date is in November according to Apple and T-Mobile.