T-Mobile iPhone 5s Shipments Arriving Early

Users who had to order Apple’s iPhone 5s online instead of picking up a device in store last Friday may have gotten a welcome surprise in their inbox over the weekend: an email from the carrier informing them that their iPhone 5s shipped.

GottaBeMobile received such a notification late Friday evening, with an updated expected delivery date of tomorrow, Tuesday, September 24th. While orders shipping the day they’re paid for isn’t necessarily new to the online retail world, they do fly in the face of the T-Mobile iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c shortages that many users ran into after standing in line at the carrier’s retail locations.

At that time, store representatives informed many would-be T-Mobile iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c buyers that they’d have to order the device online because stock was limited and some smaller markets simply hadn’t been sent any devices to sell. It seems that problem was fixed later on that day, when users in those same markets started reporting that they had now been informed that those same stores had devices in stock.


By then, many had already ordered the devices online, fearing that if they waited, they’d get no device at all. On Friday, anyone who ordered an iPhone 5s received a tracking number and an expected arrival date of September 30th.

Users who ordered an iPhone 5s should definitely check their tracking information to see if they are getting their devices earlier than originally planned.

News of earlier than expected iPhone 5s arrivals comes on the heels of renewed iPhone 5s stock at local Apple Stores. According to the company’s online product pickup tool, users can now reserve iPhone 5s in store for pick up, indicating that iPhone availability is starting to stabilize in some markets.

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That’s not true of all iPhone 5s configurations, however. The gold iPhone 5s remains out of stock in most stores in San Francisco, Ohio and New York City, regardless of on-board storage capacity. Users planning to pick up an iPhone 5s in store, should use the availability tool to monitor stock and reserve the device they are interested in before heading to the nearest Apple Store.