T-Mobile LG G2X Android Super Phone Reboots Randomly, Freezes?

Select users have been noticing that the newly launched LG G2X Android smartphone for T-Mobile USA with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor is suffering from either random reboots or freezes. Users who have experienced the problem were able to take their devices into T-Mobile where the carrier was able to swap out the device for a brand new one.

According to one user on the Android Central forum, the issue was random shut offs where pulling out the battery or forcing a soft reset did not solve the issue. Other users have noted that a hard reset wasn’t able to remedy the problem either:

I was so excited all day cause i thought i had a good one but then it kept shutting itself off randomly. i had to pull the battery and hook it up to a charger just to get it to reboot. it wasn’t a battery issue cause the battery was always right where i left it.

If you’re a proud owner of T-Mobile’s latest flagship smartphone, are you experiencing these problems?

With carriers and manufacturers rushing products out the door to capitalize on consumer and marketing hype, it seems that many of these smartphones are released with initial bugs and glitches with the hope that a future software update would rectify any problems on launch day. AT&T’s dual-core Motorola Atrix 4G, which utilizes the same NVIDIA processor, was launched sans 4G upload support despite being marketed as a 4G HSPA+ smartphone–the carrier did say that it would fix the problem in the future, but still hasn’t committed to a firm date.

Consumer remorse? The woes of being an early adopter? Or the rushed efforts of OEMs and carriers?