T-Mobile Nexus 4 Price Slashed Again

T-Mobile has once again knocked down the price of the Nexus 4, Google’s current Nexus smartphone, offering the device at a solid $49.99 on-contract just ahead of the arrival of the HTC One and presumably, the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well.

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In the past, T-Mobile has knocked down the price of its version of the Nexus 4. We’ve seen the carrier slice the price of the smartphone, which is usually $199.99 on-contract, to $50 on-contract. We’ve even seen T-Mobile offer the Nexus 4 for free. Today’s price cut mirrors the $50 one of the past and like the previous ones, will only be available for a limited time.

The T-Mobile Nexus 4 is on sale for $50.

The T-Mobile Nexus 4 is on sale for $50.

The T-Mobile Nexus 4 is currently $49.99 on-contract, online, through T-Mobile’s website. Those who aren’t enamored with the unlocked Nexus 4 through the Google Play Store will certainly want to take a look at T-Mobile’s offer as it is an extremely generous one for one of its best smartphones to date.

For $50, customers will be getting one of the best Android smartphones on the market as it combines both powerful hardware with vanilla Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, something that is only found, currently on Google’s Nexus line of devices.

The device is also much cheaper than the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as T-Mobile charges upwards of $200 for both of these devices.

The Nexus 4 is much cheaper than many of T-Mobile's other high-end smartphones.

The Nexus 4 is much cheaper than many of T-Mobile’s other high-end smartphones.

Consumers who are tempted by the offer should know that T-Mobile will soon offer at least one new high-end smartphone. The HTC One, HTC’s latest flagship, is set to replace the HTC One S on T-Mobile’s network, and it will be arriving at some point later on this month. It will, unlike the Nexus 4, run on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network.

In addition, Samsung is set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 at an event in New York City and it could be that it will also be coming to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network in the future.

Those who are content with HSPA+ 42 data speeds and one of the best Android phones currently on the market though will want to take a good long look at the Nexus 4 and the deal that T-Mobile currently has going on for it.