T-Mobile to Announce Truly Unlimited 4G Data Plans?

As T-Mobile is rolling out a faster 4G HSPA+ network and will be introducing more data devices–including tablets and mobile hotspot routers, the carrier may be examining plans to offer truly unlimited mobile broadband data plans. Currently, T-Mobile’s data plans, at least on smartphones, are limited to 5 GB of data per month, after which users who exceed their monthly quota would be throttled down to slower EDGE 2G data speeds rather than be charged overages. With mobile broadband on data-only devices, like tablets and mobile hotspot apps, data is metered and capped; users exceeding their metered plans would be charged an overage.

U.S. carriers have been getting a lot of heat in the press over their use of metered data plans, complicated pricing, fine print, and other terms of use. A truly unlimited data plan would be a refreshing change in today’s mobile broadband data climate.

Via: TmoNews