Tablet Users Report Better Work Life Balance and Higher Productivity

Tablets have taken over our homes and workplaces in the past two years, and if you are looking for a reason to purchase an iPad 3 or to convince your boss to buy you a tablet at work, you might want to let her know that you’ll have a better work life balance and be more productive.

Staples put together an infographic about tablets, highlighting why users love their tablets. The inforgraphic offers a collection of stats, but the most interesting statistic is about an improved work life balance.

An incredible 80% of tablet owners report that they have a better work life balance, meaning they are better able to prioritize home and work tasks and activities, than they were with just a laptop and a phone.

A tablet won’t magically make you more productive or help you get your life in order, but the ability to work when you feel the need, with the same device you are using to schedule a family trip or check an actor’s name on IMDB while watching a movie is helpful.

Tablet Use - Work Life balance Staples

Staples Tablet Infographic Highlights Tablet Usage Stats

A Staples survey found that 60% of respondents reported increased productivity on tablets. This may seem counterintuitive because we think of tablets as consumption devices, not creation tools, but this syncs up with the way I use my iPad 2 and how I use Android tablets I review.

Because tablets force you to focus on a single task productivity can greatly increase. from writing a report to checking email, tablets are often the best tool in your hands. I am awful about reading email on the computer because I’m easily distracted, but Gmail in the iPad web browser allows me to power through 100 emails in 20 minutes, an amazing amount of time.

Before a tablet, this task I would have read all these emails on my phone or laptop, both of which don’t fit my style or level of email. I’m not going to use the iPad as a laptop for work, but for many work tasks the tablet is a better fit during business hours and when I need to take care of some quick work while on the go.

Via Droid Guy