Tablets, Readers, MediaPads, Netbooks, Smartbooks: What’s On Your Mind?

500x_courier8[4]In the crazy world of mobile tech things are getting even crazier it seems as we see new product announcements and rumors of what’s to come. The Age of the Netbook shifted the playing field when it came to mobile device. The iPhone led to another tectonic shift, and now if Tablet rumors are to be believed, Microsoft, Apple, and the Crunchpad are looking to shake things up again, and it looks like everybody and their brother is thinking Android on some category of device. Let’s not forget the growing segment of eBook readers either. That market segment is poised to explode in the next year or so as well. And to top it all off, or add even more confusion, PMP’s are becoming Tablets at the same time that Smartbooks are trying to carve out a piece of the Netbook pie. Heck, even the UMPC has gone zombie and come back to life.

It is all very exciting, even if it is a bit confusing. The one thing that is certain is that consumers with a range of needs will have a range of options to choose from. What intrigues me the most are the Tablet rumors. These devices have the potential for a lot of different uses, depending on how they indeed roll out.  Of course, they need to roll out for that to happen, and so far they are just mirages just out of our reach, but always pulling us towards. them. Face it, they could all prove to be vaporware. (Anybody heard anything on the Crunchpad lately?)

So, I’m curious and I want to know what you are thinking about all of this. There are a lot of exciting options coming our way. What intrigues you the most? How do you see these mobile scenarios fitting into your mobile life? Are you keen on having one device to rule them all, or do you see multiple devices handling different aspects of your mobile work and play?