Lighting Connector vs. 30 Pin Dock Connector (Photos)

Lighting Connector vs. 30 Pin Dock Connector - head on

With the iPhone 5, Apple switched away from the long used 30-pin dock connector to a smaller Lightning dock connector. This means that users will need to switch accessories or purchase a Lightning to 30-pin adapter to continue using older iPhone dock accessories. The new Lightning to USB cable ships with the iPhone 5, but […]

Don’t Buy 30-pin iPhone & iPad Dock Connector Accessories

Apple Micro USB Adapter

It looks like Apple will make the change from the ubiquitous 30-pin Dock Connector that thousands of accessories use to connect to the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad. The wider connector served Apple well for many years now, but they will likely change to a smaller 19-pin Dock Connector, if we can believe reports that […]