Verizon 4G LTE Down in Some Areas

It looks like Verizon’s 4G LTE network is down again in some areas, something that is becoming far too common with the carrier’s next-generation cellular network. This morning we received a tip from a reader in Springfield, Illinois who said that three phones in different parts of town were unable to connect to Big Red’s […]

Should Verizon Offer Credit for 4G LTE Outages?

Verizon 4G LTE outage Credit?

As Verizon’s 4G LTE network starts to come online after half a day of downtime, many users are starting to ask why they don’t get any credit when the network goes down. As Bob in our comments put it, “No 4G or 3G in Crestline, Mansfield, Ontario Ohio.  Still getting charged for it though!” Bob’s […]

Verizon: 4G LTE Service Has Been Restored

Verizon: 4G LTE Service Has Been Restored

Earlier today, Verizon’s next-generation 4G LTE network suffered its fourth outage in three months with customers around the country experiencing loss of data on their LTE devices. However, it appears that the carrier has gotten the outage under control as company spokesman Tom Pica has confirmed that LTE service has been restored to the carrier’s […]

Verizon Needs to Get Its 4G LTE Act Together


You may have heard. Verizon suffered another nationwide 4G LTE outage, the second in December. Customers with 4G LTE devices were unable to get data and were without it for a solid 16 hours from the looks of things. Not good for Verizon, and even worse for the customers that have bought into Big Red’s […]

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Data Outage Now Nationwide

verizon wireless 4g lte outage

Looks like the outage folks on the west coast suffered last night was not a blip. Verizon Wireless is suffering its second major outage of their data network in less than two weeks, affecting customers across the U. S. Customers on the support forums and on Twitter have been reporting outages since last night, and […]

Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Down Nationwide?

Verizon 4G LTE Outage

Throughout the day, I’ve been hearing from owners of 4G LTE devices on Verizon who are saying that Verizon’s next-generation network is down. And after a quick poll of GBM staff that own 4G LTE devices, I think it’s safe to say that something is amiss as our devices are also experiencing a data outage. […]

Verizon 4G LTE Network Down Nationwide, Verizon Engineers Hard at Work

Verizon 4G Outage Speeds

Verizon’s speedy 4G LTE Network decided it needed a day of rest before the Droid Charge arrives tomorrow as the second 4G LTE smartphone on Verizon’s speedy network. The Verizon 4G network went down late last night taking with it 3G connectivity for Thunderbolt users who have been booted back to slow 1x speeds. The […]