Samsung Hints at 4k Display in Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy S5 concept.

At the moment everyone is paying close attention to Samsung regarding what they’ll deliver with the new Galaxy S5 smartphone, but that isn’t all the company has planned for 2014. While it’s too early to start talking too much about the Galaxy Note 4, some new comments from Samsung could be giving us early hints. […]

Samsung’s iPad Air Rival Tipped for Early 2014


Samsung’s tablet aspirations haven’t slowed down. In fact, next year we’re hearing Samsung will be shifting more focus from its popular and thriving smartphone initiative over to help improve the Galaxy Tab series, which isn’t what we’d consider a top-selling Android tablet. In order to compete with the impressive yet aggressively priced Nexus 7, or […]

Apple Store Briefly Sells 4K Display as Mac Pro Release Nears

The Mac Pro release date may be near as Apple accidentally starts selling a 4k display from Sharp.

The Mac Pro release date is confirmed for this month and it may be very close as the Apple Store online began selling a Sharp 4k display in the European Apple Store before pulling the display. Apple announced the Mac Pro in June and confirmed a December Mac Pro release date during the iPad announcement […]