HTC Accord Could Launch as HTC 8X


HTC’s upcoming mid-range Windows Phone 8 phone won’t come to market as the HTC Accord, but as the HTC 8X. According to XDA Developer member Football4PDA HTC will release the new phone as the HTC 8X. The marketing material he posted on Twitter shows it written at Windows Phone 8X HTC, but we imagine that’s […]

HTC’s Windows Phones to Be Branded Under 8 Series, With 8X, 8S, and 8V


Following the naming convention of HTC’s Android-powered One series, the company’s Windows Phone 8 lineup may debut later this month at a scheduled HTC press conference bearing the 8 branding to signify the 8 numbering convention behind Microsoft’s OS. The new phones, may be called the HTC 8X, the HTC 8S, and the HTC 8V […]