Sprint, AT&T Galaxy S III Updated to Remove Universal Search

This is now removed as part of Samsung's software update.

In addition to working around the Galaxy Nexus ban as part of Apple’s lawsuit against rival Samsung, it appears that Samsung is preemptively trying not to upset the iPhone-maker with its own flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. The company had started issuing an update to remove universal search features on the Sprint Galaxy S III […]

Sprint Galaxy S III ‘ Security Update’ Strips Universal Search Feature

Galaxy S III

Sprint is pushing a Security update for the Galaxy S III which strips a popular feature from the phone just as users start to enjoy the latest Samsung smartphone. The new “Security update” only secures Sprint and Samsung against legal action, and like many of these moves consumers come out on the bottom. Android Central […]

Verizon Galaxy S III with Unlockable Bootloader Coming for $599

The Galaxy S4 could come with a locked bootloader.

Samsung and Verizon will be offering a Samsung Galaxy S III Developers edition for those that wish to pay a premium for an unlockable bootloader. Android Central is reporting that Samsung is going to offer a new variant of the Verizon Galaxy S III that will come without an encrypted bootloader. Samsung will sell the […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Hits U.S. Cellular Tomorrow

The Galaxy S III hits U.S. Cellular's 4G LTE network tomorrow.

The Samsung Galaxy S III for U.S. Cellular will be released tomorrow. U.S. Cellular has confirmed that the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III will be available online starting tomorrow and that it will be in retail locations by the end of the week. It did not provide a specific day that the device would hit […]

Verizon Extends 4G LTE Network to Two More Georgia Cities

Verizon's 4G LTE Network Expands to 46 New Markets on June 21

Verizon’s 4G LTE network is the largest in the country, and it’s still growing. Today Verizon Wireless announced it’s next-generation wireless network is now in two more cities in Georgia. Verizon users in Columbus and Rome, Georgia will have access to the carrier’s 4G LTE network “in the coming weeks.”  While the Columbus network will […]

Verizon Galaxy S III Launch is a Mess

The Verizon Galaxy S III launch has been a mess.

The Samsung Galaxy S III launch on Verizon is a mess, simple as that. While other carriers have had their difficulties getting the Samsung Galaxy S III to shelves here in the United States, none of them have botched the launch of the device as bad as Verizon has for its customers. And given its […]

Samsung Galaxy S III ads Show off AllShare and Share Shot Features

AT&T Galaxy S III Now Available

Now that customers on all four major carriers can buy the Galaxy S III, Samsung is stepping up its advertising by showing off some of the features the phone has over the iPhone. A new trio of ads focus on Samsung’s AllShare Group Cast, AllShare Play, and Share Shot features. Each ad shows a group […]

Verizon Galaxy S III Orders Slip to July 19th

Verizon Galaxy S III orders have slipped to July 19th.

Verizon has pushed the shipping date for Samsung Galaxy S III orders to July 19th and it appears that some who pre-ordered the device are seeing their orders moved back in date as well. We have received several tips that indicate that Verizon has pushed back the shipping date of the Galaxy S III to […]

Microwaving Your Galaxy S III Will Cause It to Explode and Catch Fire


Remember the case of the exploding Galaxy S III smartphone that we had reported? Initially, there were speculations that Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone had overheated and caught fire, but now after an investigation, Samsung is clear from any liability for that case as it is found that the explosion is caused by user abuse. […]

Galaxy S III Arriving in Verizon Stores 2 Days Later Than Expected on 7/12

Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 10.05.19 PM

It looks like high-demand for Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone may be keeping the Galaxy S III out of Verizon’s stores for two days longer than expected. The device will now arrive in stores starting July 12 instead of the anticipated July 10 date, though Verizon Wireless had already begun shipping pre-order units for delivery. […]

AT&T Galaxy S III Now Available

AT&T Galaxy S III Now Available

After a delay, the Samsung Galaxy S III is finally available on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. Today is July 6th and that means that AT&T has made the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III available to consumers who did not place a pre-order. The device is now available in both physical retail locations as well […]

Samsung Galaxy S III to Fragment Android Ecosystem With NFC Beam Share Feature


It looks like one of the most popular and highly anticipated smartphones released to date, the Samsung Galaxy S III, will be one of the devices to fragment the Android ecosystem with its NFC sharing feature due to incompatible technological implementations for the Android Beam feature. On a standard, non-Galaxy S III smartphone, sharing via […]

Samsung to Bring Galaxy S III to Korea with Quad-Core, LTE Capabilities


While American Galaxy S III owners will have to give up on quad-core computing power from Samsung’s Exynos processor to gain 4G LTE mobile broadband capabilities, users in Samsung’s home of South Korea will not have to make such sacrifice. The South Korean edition of the Galaxy S III flagship Android smartphone that will become […]

Verizon Galaxy S III Orders Start Arriving

Verizon Galaxy S III pre-orders have started to arrive.

Some of those who pre-ordered the Verizon Galaxy S III have seen the device arrive a little bit early. Customers who placed Verizon Galaxy S III pre-orders have been greeted with the device’s early arrival today according to Android Central. The device, which doesn’t officially hit Verizon stores until July 10th, has landed on the […]

Verizon Galaxy S III Release Date Confirmed as July 10th

Galaxy S III owners are dealing with a battery drain issue.

Verizon will finally receive the Samsung Galaxy S III on July 10, just a few weeks after the phone launched on the other big four U.S. carriers. Unlike other carriers, Verizon will offer two storage options for the Galaxy S III. The 16GB model will sell for $199.99, while the 32GB model will sell for […]

The 5 Best Android Smartphones [July, 2012]

The HTC One X remains a force.

Now that we’re right smack in the middle of summer, the smartphone market is as hot as it has ever been, especially the Android market where several flagship phones are vying for the hearts and minds of consumers before the launch of the iPhone 5. In our latest edition of our top five Android smartphones […]

AT&T Galaxy S III Release Date Confirmed for July 6th

The AT&T Galaxy S III release date is July 6th.

Finally, those looking for an AT&T Galaxy S III release date have one. The carrier has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has long been without a release date, will be arriving in-stores on July 6th. This means that those that failed to pre-order the device, will finally be able to pick one […]

As Galaxy S III Becomes Available on Sprint, a New Software Update Appears


With Sprint’s Galaxy S III finally becoming available to hopeful customers who are awaiting Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone, the carrier is also pushing out the device’s first over-the-air software update. The update doesn’t bring any new features to the Galaxy S III, which operates now on Sprint’s CDMA/EVDO network and will be compatible with […]

Apple Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Nexus


A week after the U.S. launch of the Galaxy S III and a few days after the announcement of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Samsung has some bad news. According to Reuters, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh granted Apple a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, which will effectively ban the phone in the U.S. until the conclusion of […]

Galaxy S III New MHL Connector Also Enables USB On the Go


For those who may not be familiar, MHL connectors plug into the micro USB port on many smartphones and allows HDMI cables to be connected to the MHL connector to mirror the content on the smartphone onto a larger display, such as an HDTV. The benefit to having devices that use the MHL standard is […]