Nexus 5 Rumors: Smaller Phone, Bigger Battery, Better Camera

The Nexus 4 glass back is fragile, a design Apple left behind with the iPhone 5.

The LG Nexus 4 has only been on shelves, both physical and virtual, since the end of last year but already there are rumors surfacing in regards to its successor, the presumed Nexus 5, which is now rumored to boast a smaller display to fit with a more compact design, a massive battery and an […]

6 Ways the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD Beats the Nexus 4


A majority of the attention thus far in 2013 has been granted to phones like the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, both of those phones have release dates far off in the distance and better yet, won’t appeal to everyone looking for a new smartphone. Those that aren’t interested will fortunately not […]

Nexus 4 Shipping Times Now Best Since Launch

The Nexus 4 8GB is now listed as being delivered in 3-5 days.

The Nexus 4 has been through some ups and downs since it launched back in November of last year but now, four months after Google released the Nexus 4 to the world, the device is as available as it ever has been with widespread availability and shipping times on the Google Play Store in the […]

6 Ways the Nexus 4 Beats the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD

The Nexus 4 has a nice selection of accessories.

Most of the smartphone attention of 2013 has been lavished on phones like the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4, both of which will be hitting shelves in the weeks ahead. However, they aren’t going to arrive their unopposed. In fact, there are currently some stellar smartphone options on the table including the Nexus […]

The 5 Best T-Mobile Smartphones [March, 2013]


With 2013 well under way, companies are putting forth their new smartphone offerings for 2013. That list includes the Samsung Galaxy S4 which will be heading to carriers like T-Mobile in the weeks ahead. Not everyone can wait for T-Mobile to start carrying the Galaxy S4 though, some people need to buy a smartphone this […]

Google Delivers Pinpoint Nexus 4 Shipping Times

The Nexus 4 LTE is rumored for Google I/O.

The Nexus 4, which only a short time ago featured non-specific shipping times, now features exact shipping times for both the Nexus 4 8GB and Nexus 16GB which gives potential buyers better insight as to when their Nexus 4 might arrive on their doorstep. Read: Nexus 4 Bumper Returns to Google Play Store, But For […]

See What The Samsung Galaxy S4 Looks Like Next to the Best Smartphones

This shows the Samsung Galaxy S4 thickness versus the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

If you only look at one photo from the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, make it this photo of the Samsung Galaxy S4 next to what are consistently the best smartphones available on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 delivers a 5-inch 1080P HD display that is bigger than almost all of […]

Nexus 4 Bumper Returns to Google Play Store, But For How Long?

A white Nexus 4 may or may not be joining the black variant.

The Nexus 4 bumper case has made its triumphant return to the Google Play Store today, just a day after the accessory was deemed to no longer be available for sale. And while its return is certainly welcomed by Nexus 4 owners looking to protect their device, it’s unclear just how long the device will […]

Nexus 4 Bumper No Longer Available on Google Play Store

The Nexus 4 bumper case is gone from the Play Store, and it's unclear if it will ever come back.

There has been a hotbed of activity at the Google Play Store today, first with Google tagging the Nexus 4 8GB with a specific ship by date for the first time and now, with the Nexus 4 bumper case again vanishing from the Google Play Store, just a day after the device came back into […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nexus 4: Final Round

The Nexus 4 boasts a large display. But the Nexus 5 could utilize an even bigger one.

In 24 hours, Samsung will take the stage at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City and announce the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, its successor to the the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S3 which arrived in May of last year. Like all new Android, the Galaxy S4 is going to have to […]

Nexus 4 8GB Now Shown with Exact Ship By Date

The 16GB Nexus 4 still sits with a vague, 1-2 week shipping time.

While past shipping dates for the Nexus 4 have been listed in broad terms, Google is now showing a specific date for the Nexus 4 8GB in the Google Play Store, a much different tactic than it has used in the past with the popular Android smartphone. Read: 8 Ways the Sony Xperia Z Beats […]

Rugged Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nexus 4 Cases Offer Protection & Slim Fit

A rugged Samsung Galaxy Note 2 case from Seido.

Seidio now offers rugged Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cases and Rugged Nexus 4 cases that allow users to carry their smartphone in outdoor situations without worrying about drops and dings. Seidio also announced the OBEX waterproof Samsung Galaxy S3 case this week. The Seidio Convert cases for the Galaxy Note 2 and Nexus 4 include a two part […]

8 Ways the Sony Xperia Z Beats the Nexus 4

The Xperia Z is available in several different colors, unlike the Nexus 4.

While most consumers eyes in 2013 have been fixated on the HTC One and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, it doesn’t mean that those phones are the only top-notch smartphones available on shelves. In fact, there are a number of high-end, extremely enticing devices available right now including LG’s Nexus 4 and the Sony Xperia […]

White Nexus 4 Bumper On Sale Ahead of Release

A white Nexus 4 bumper is on sale in Canada.

The white Nexus 4 bumper appeared online in February and now the White Nexus 4 bumper is on sale at a retailer in Canada, though there is no official word on a white Nexus 4 release yet. The white Nexus 4 bumper is shown in a display with the Nexus 4 and a black Nexus […]

6 Ways the Nexus 4 Beats the Sony Xperia Z


Despite it being a phone from 2012, the LG-made Nexus 4 figures to be a staple on the Android smartphone market for much of 2013. That means that it will be competing against the likes of the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S4, but also high-end devices like the Sony Xperia Z, which unlike the […]

Solavei Now Supports iPhone 5, Nexus 4 & Galaxy S3


Today Solavei announced that it now has nano-SIM cards that will work in the iPhone 5, giving Apple fans another option for a prepaid carrier. Solavei nano-SIM cards are available from the carrier today for use in the iPhone 5. With the nano-SIM iPhone 5 users can use their unlocked iPhone 5 on the Solavei […]

The 5 Best Android Smartphones [March, 2013]


In the next few weeks, we will see the launch of arguably the biggest Android smartphone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S4. And while most of the attention has been lavished upon Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S3 successor, several other big name Android smartphones have either arrived or are set to touch down in the […]

DODOcase Durables Nexus 4 & Galaxy S3 Wallet Review

DODOcase Nexus 4 wallet - 5

DODOcase is offering a new DodoCase Durables wallet for the Nexus 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Part of the new Durables collection from DODOcase, the hand crafted case is made from waxed canvas and leather with orange accents and a beautiful orange interior. After using the DODOcase Durables Nexus 4 wallet and Galaxy S3 wallet for the past […]

T-Mobile Nexus 4 Price Slashed Again

The Nexus 4 glass back is fragile, a design Apple left behind with the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile has once again knocked down the price of the Nexus 4, Google’s current Nexus smartphone, offering the device at a solid $49.99 on-contract just ahead of the arrival of the HTC One and presumably, the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. Read: 5 Ways the Nexus 4 Could Beat the Samsung Galaxy S4. In the […]

Super Thin LG Wireless Charger Powers Nexus 4 & More

The LG WCP-300 is a thin wireless charger, which LG claims is the world's thinnest.

LG, makers of the Nexus 4 and the LG Nitro, debuted what they’re calling the world’s slimmest wireless charger. Though its official name, the WCP-300, doesn’t exactly do it any favors when trying to capture the imagination of consumers, the impossibly thin, 6.9cm charger packs an electromagnetic induction technology that allows it to wirelessly charge […]