SuperTooth Disco is a Great 21st Century Bluetooth Boombox


If you’re old enough you remember carrying around a boombox on your shoulder to play the radio, cassette tapes and eventually CDs. The SuperTooth Disco is the boombox for the mobile generation with nice sound, convenient wireless Bluetooth connection and great battery life. I tested the SuperTooth Disco over the past month, using it at home, […]

Aliph Adds A2DP to Jawbone Headset. Finally

MyTALK Personalize & Update Your Jawbone ICON

I’m a long time user of the Aliph Jawbone BlueTooth headsets. I’ve used one of every model. One of the biggest drawbacks of using the Jawbone models has always been the lack of an A2DP profile. Well, finally that has changed. At least if you have the latest model, the Jawbone Icon. Essentially, it is […]