iPhone 6: Almost Double the Battery Capacity of the iPhone 5s


The iPhone 6 may last almost twice as long as the iPhone 5s on a single charge thanks to a gigantic battery and improved power management in iOS 8.  A video is making the rounds that shows the 2,915 mAh battery that will reportedly power the larger of the two models Apple will likely introduce tomorrow. […]

iPhone 6 Release Date Chatter Pushes AAPL Stock Near High

As the iPhone 6 release date approaches Apple stock nears an all time high.

The iPhone 6 release date rumors including talk of two iPhone 6 screen sizes, an all new iPhone 6 design and specs that help Apple catch up to Android in key areas. As we move within a month of the anticipated iPhone 6 release date and a fall full of new Apple products the AAPL stock […]

iPhone 6 Release Date Upgrades Could Push Apple (AAPL) Above $700

AAPL stock continues to rise on hopes that the iPhone 6 release date will bring many upgrades.

A new analyst report suggests the iPhone 6 release date will bring a major influx of upgrades from older iPhones, playing a role in a new $700 per share target just ahead of a 7-to-1 AAPL stock split. The latest iPhone 6 rumors point to two iPhone 6 models in 2014 with larger screens. We […]

iOS 8, New Apple Products Push AAPL to 52 Week High Ahead of Split

Apple Stock (AAPL) is up as a stock split is in the wings and investors are optimistic about new Apple Products for 2014.

The promise of new Apple products coming as early as next week, iOS 8 rumors of mobile payments and home automation and a 7-to-1 stock split are behind the continual rise of Apple stock (AAPL) which hit a 52-week high this week. This anticipation comes days before Apple’s first major event of 2014, where we […]

iPhone 6, Mystery Apple Product & Stock Split Push AAPL Higher

iphone 6 aapl

Apple Stock (AAPL) is on a race that could push the value to $700 ahead of a potential 7 to 1 stock split and anticipation for the iPhone 6, new Apple TV 2014, a MacBook Air Retina and the rumored iWatch. It is clear a mystery Apple product that could arrive on June 2nd is […]

Investor Bets $1 Billion on iPhone 5S, ‘Extremely Undervalued’ Apple


Billionaire investor Carl Icahn Tweeted that his investment group has a ‘large position’ in Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). Though he did not disclose exactly how much he’s invested in Apple, Bloomberg reports that it is in at least $1 billion. This morning Carl Ichahn sent the following Tweet, boosting Apple’s stock up more than 4.75% to close […]

If Apple’s Board Is Really Worried, Apple is Screwed

The iPhone 5S release date could land on September 20th or a similar date thanks to Apple earnings guidance.

A new report claims Apple’s Board of Directors is concerned about the, “pace of innovation,” at Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook. Given what we know about the Apple Board of Director’s access to un-released Apple products the source of these rumors is either mis-informed, or Apple is in bigger trouble than fans could […]

iPhone 5S Feature Trouble Could Cause Shortages at Launch

An iPhone 5S device could feature a fingerprint reader that adds to the security of the device.

One of the iPhone 5S‘ rumored features could cause shipment delays to the tune of three million units for the first quarter iPhone 5S sales according to chatter from suppliers in Asia. Apple is reportedly adding a fingerprint reader to the iPhone 5S to bolster security and possibly to tie into a payment system that […]

Apple Q2 2013 Earnings: ‘Amazing’ Products Planned for 2013

The iPhone, iPad 4 and iPad mini drove Apple to big Year-Over-Year gains.

The Apple Q2 2013 earnings are now available with Apple reporting a $9.5 billion net profit thanks in part to 37.4 million iPhones and 19.5 million iPads sold. Tim Cook boasts there are “amazing new hardware, software, and services” on the way. Despite the good year-over-year numbers, iPad and iPhone sales are down from the […]

iPhone 5, iPad 4 & iPad mini Can’t Save Apple Q1 2013 Earnings (AAPL)

AAPL q1 2013 earnings

Apple (AAPL) sold 47.8 million iPhones, 22.9 million iPads and 12.7 million iPods in Q1 2013, bringing in $54.5 billion in revenue and a net profit of $13.1 billion for the period ending December 29th 2012. Wall Street is reacting negatively to the sales numbers, driving AAPL stock down dramatically in after hours trading. AAPL stock closed […]

AAPL Hits $701 a Share on iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Release Hype

AAPL Stock 701

Apple (AAPL) closed at $701.91 today as investors pushed stock to a near all time high close on the eve of the iOS 6 release date and days ahead of the iPhone 5 release date. Apple announced the iPhone 5, with 4G LTE, a thinner design and a larger 4-inch display on September 12th, and […]

iPhone 5 Rumors Push Apple Stock to Record Breaking Levels

Apple Stock most valuable company

iPhone 5 rumors and expectations of heightened consumer demand pushed Apple (AAPL) stock to record-breaking levels in late afternoon trading on NASDAQ. After a dip from lower than expected iPhone sales in Q3 2012 investors pushed Apple stock to $664.75 — or about what a couple will pay for two 32GB iPhone 5 devices in September. The […]

Apple Stock Surges to All Time High as iPhone 5 Release Nears

AAPL iPhone 5

Investors pushed Apple stock to an all time high of $645 during mid day trading on speculation of the iPhone 5, a new model of Apple’s popular iPhone. Weeks after lower than expected iPhone sales spurred a sell off on Apple [AAPL] stock, investors are pushing the stock back up on rumors of a September […]

Wall Street Could Force Early iPhone 5 Release Date

iPhone 5 release date September

New rumors suggest that Apple is planning the iPhone 5 release date for September. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI and a good track record for Apple information, believes that Apple will shoot for a September iPhone 5 release date, specifically early in the month. After posting lower than expected iPhone sales for Q3, Apple CFO […]

iPhone 5 Monopolizes Apple Q3 Earnings Estimates (AAPL)

AAPL Stock iPhone 5 Q3

Apple will announce its Q3 2012 earnings report today, where we expect to hear about lower iPhone sales and an overall conservative quarter as Apple must deal with the un-controllable hype around the upcoming iPhone 5. Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock sits just over $600 this morning, a drop from the $644 a share high of weeks past. The […]

iPhone 5 Release Date to Make Apple Most Profitable Company Ever


The iPhone 5 release date this fall could be the device that pushes Apple over the edge to become the most profitable publicly traded company ever. Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White believes that the iPhone 5, an iPad Mini and the possible Apple TV will deliver sales that will help Apple, “generate the highest […]

iPhone 5 to Make Apple a $1 Trillion Company?

A Topeka Capital Markets analyst is projecting Apple will be worth more than $1 Trillion after the company launches the iPhone 5. Analyst Brian White has a $1,111 target on Apple shares, stating that the iPhone 5 will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest technology upgrade cycles ever. Apple shares are currently […]

Expect a Smaller, $300 iPad & AAPL Stock at $1,000


If analysts are right, Apple will make a smaller iPad in the next few years, priced at $300 or less. Combined with the iPad ad iPhone strategy we may also see AAPL stock hit $1,000 in the near future. A 7 inch iPad with a cheaper price isn’t a new rumor, but according to Gene […]

Apple Announces Stock Dividends, AAPL Stock Buyback Program


This morning Apple announced how it plans to use its giant stockpile of cash. Apple will use some of the money as part of the company’s “war chest,” while the rest will go to stock dividends and a stock buyback program. Starting July 1, 2012, Apple will start offering a quarterly dividend to all stock holders […]

Apple “Thrilled” with “Record Weekend” of iPad Sales, So Are Investors

ipad-review-3-new- 1

The new iPad launched on Friday March 16th, with lines and sell outs at many retailers. During a conference call to discuss Apple’s huge cash balance, Apple CEO Tim Cook told reporters that Apple was “thrilled” by the “record weekend” of iPad sales. The call, focused on the decision to start a stock dividend program for AAPL shareholders, but […]