Wall Street Loves the New iPad – AAPL

Apple Stock Climbs new iPad AAPL

The new iPad will hit the streets in two days, but Apple is already hitting record highs on Wall Street. Wall Street had already priced a new iPad into the price of Apple Stock (AAPL) before Apple made the new iPad official last week, but investors are pushing the stock to new high, showing their approval for […]

Apple By The Numbers: iPad Sales Stats for 2011 (AAPL)

Apple Logo iPad 3 iPad HD Sales Stats

Today at the iPad special event in California Tim Cook kicked off the show in usual Apple style with a recap of the Apple’s success over the past year. Based on the Apple Q1 2012 results we already know that Apple sold 37.4 million iPhones and 15 million iPads in the last 3 months of […]

Three Things Apple is Worth More Than [AAPL]


After the announcement of the iPad 3 event yesterday, Apple’s market cap rose significantly. Today the company is worth more than $500 billion. A single share of Apple stock (AAPL) currently sits around $540. With all that money, it’s just hard to conceptualize how big Apple is, and just how much it’s worth as a […]

Apple Worth Half a Trillion Dollars After iPad 3 Event Announcement


Apple’s market capitalization pushed past the $500 Billion mark for the first time in after-hours trading this afternoon on the heels of the company announcing a media event where it will likely introduce the iPad 3. Apple shares (AAPL) closed at a record high $535.41 during regular trading hours, valuing the company at $499.2 billion, […]

iCloud Syncing Photos, Docs & More for 100 Million Users


iCloud launched in October with iOS 5, but in just a few short months the syncing service for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC has grown to over 100 million users. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the new milestone in connected users yesterday during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference where he also talked […]

Apple Stock Tops $500 Ahead of iPad 3 Release Date (AAPL)

Apple Stock over $500 AAPL

Apple stock is on a tear, going above $500 for the first time in company history weeks before the company is expected to announce the iPad 3, a third generation of the best selling consumer tablet. Apple Stock [AAPL] has dropped back below $500 as I write this post, but that doesn’t detract for the […]

Apple Stock Hits Record High Weeks After Record Quarter [AAPL]

AAPL Stock High

Apple stock price hit a record high of $464.98 today, a week after releasing Q1 earnings that beat Wall Street estimates. After hitting $464.98 earlier today the stock price slid down to $$463, still up nearly $4 since the market opened this morning. While Apple did not announce anything special today, the earnings call from last week is still fresh in the minds […]

Apple Sold 262 iPhones & 109 iPads a Minute During Q1 2012 [AAPL]

Apple iPhone 4S

Apple has released the total sales of Apple devices during the first quarter of 2011, blowing away the expectations of many analysts. Apple brought in an a higher than expected $46.33 billion in revenue, which comes thanks to high sales of iOS devices, which outpace the sales of the Mac line dramatically. For Apple it […]

Apple Tops 10 Million iPads as iPhone Sales Cool (AAPL)


Apple (AAPL) closed a final chapter in company history, announcing the results for the Apple’s fourth quarter, the final quarter under Steve Jobs’ leadership. While Wall Street is disappointed with lower than expected iPhone sales, the company moved a lot of iPads and Macs in the quarter ending September 30th. The iPhone sales for last […]

Apple Stock Reaches All Time High Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch (AAPL)

Apple Market Cap Chart

Apple’s Stock (AAPL) price hit an all time high of $413.23 yesterday before settling down to $411.63 at market close. This all time high comes as Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 in October and under the watch of new CEO Tim Cook. In after hours trading Apple stock has jumped back up […]

Apple Will Survive and Thrive Without Steve Jobs

Apple without Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs introduced us to his vision of a post PC world, and yesterday he introduced us to a post Steve Jobs Apple. Within hours of Jobs’ resignation, the stock market responded with a 5% dip in after hours trading, people began to question whether the iPhone 5 would still launch and Apple fans began to […]

Apple Stock Tumbles After Steve Jobs Resigns (AAPL)

Apple Stock Steve Jobs Resigns

On news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has resigned, Apple stock has taken a hit in after hours trading, dropping 5% in just the short time since Apple made Job’s decision public. Investors, afraid of uncertainty and change, are pulling back to see if Apple can survive without Steve Jobs. Up until this announcement, Apple had […]

Mobile Means Money for Apple: Highest Market Cap of U.S. Companies

Apple Market Cap Chart

Today Apple pulled ahead of Exxon Mobil, the large oil company, to become the U.S. company with the highest market cap. In short, while the economy is taking a nosedive, Apple is the U.S. company with the most money invested in it. The poor performance of Exxon Mobil is the reason Apple jumped ahead today, but it’s […]

Apple Stock Down On News of iCloud, Lack of iPhone 5 Announcement (AAPL)

Apple Stock WWDC 2011

Right after Steve Jobs introduced iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion at WWDC 2011, Apple’s stock prices reacted to the new services and the lack of an impressive , “One more thing,” namely no iPhone 5, by dropping 4.57% or $5.40 by 4:30 pm. Also dropping alongside new cloud competition was Google (GOOG) […]

iPhone Business is Worth More Than All But 10 Companies


Apple’s iPhone business is worth more than all but  10 companies in the world according to a report by Trefis. According to the analysts, Apple is worth $391 billion, which is 40% more than the current value of the company’s stock. The iPhone business is worth more than half that value, which means if it […]

MacBook Air Review Part 6: iPhoto ’11 Performance


The MacBook Air is the best laptop I’ve ever used, but with mobility there are usually compromises. As a photographer, one thing that I’m not willing to compromise too much on is photo editing performance. I was a bit concerned about how iPhoto ’11 would perform on the MacBook Air since it has a lot […]

Wal-mart Planning to Sell iPad


Bloomberg is reporting that Wal-mart will likely begin selling the iPad later this year. The world’s largest retailer already sells an array of iPods and the iPhone 3GS. “We anticipate being able to have the iPad later this year,” Gary Severson, senior vice president of entertainment for Wal-Mart’s U.S. stores, said in a telephone interview. […]

I Hope Woz is Wrong…


Steve Wozniak is a brilliant guy and someone that’s tough for geeks not to love. While the Woz while he was en route to judge a high school robotics competition, he made some remarks to Business Week reporter Dan Lyons that are way off. In response to Lyons asking if he thinks the iPad will […]