Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories: Release Dates & Pricing Rumored

The Galaxy S4 GamePad release date has been pegged for July.

While Samsung has been coy about release dates and pricing for the numerous Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories that will be hitting shelves for the Galaxy S4, new leaks seem to have detailed both Galaxy S4 accessory release dates and pricing ahead of the official announcements. Read: Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessory Up for Pre-Order, But It […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessory Up for Pre-Order, But It Will Cost

The Samsung Galaxy S4 GamePad accessory is up for pre-order, but it's costly.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t scheduled to be released until late May, that hasn’t stopped one retailer from putting the Galaxy S4’s first accessory up for pre-order as the Galaxy S4 GamePad, a controller for games, is now up for sale with a steep price. Last week, Samsung unveiled its Samsung Galaxy S4, a […]

6 Great Bluetooth Speakers for the iPad


The iPad’s speakers are okay at best. But for anyone who listens to a lot of music, more power is appreciated. And the best way to increase the sound quality of the iPad is to use an external Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth speaker works by connecting to the iPad over Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers produce produce […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Display Size Possibly Outed

The GamePad accessory will be coming to the Galaxy S4 at least.

Just a day after announcing the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung has posted the details of the device on its website. Oddly enough, it seems one of the accessory listings has potentially tipped off the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a device that is said to be arriving at some point later on […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Comes with a Catch

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charger - 2

The Samsung Galaxy S4, which was finally announced earlier today will, as expected, support Qi wireless charging. And, as expected the Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging will come with a catch. A couple of catches in fact. Read: Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Confirmed for April. At the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, […]

Nexus 4 Bumper Returns to Google Play Store, But For How Long?

A white Nexus 4 may or may not be joining the black variant.

The Nexus 4 bumper case has made its triumphant return to the Google Play Store today, just a day after the accessory was deemed to no longer be available for sale. And while its return is certainly welcomed by Nexus 4 owners looking to protect their device, it’s unclear just how long the device will […]

Nexus 4 Bumper No Longer Available on Google Play Store

The Nexus 4 bumper case is gone from the Play Store, and it's unclear if it will ever come back.

There has been a hotbed of activity at the Google Play Store today, first with Google tagging the Nexus 4 8GB with a specific ship by date for the first time and now, with the Nexus 4 bumper case again vanishing from the Google Play Store, just a day after the device came back into […]

Quirky Crossover iPhone 5 Case Review

quirky crossover case holds cards or cash

Quirky offers an interesting alternative to the wallet case. The Quirky Crossover iPhone 5 case protects an iPhone 5 and holds a few cards and cash. The optional colors also add a little flair. The Quirky Crossover case isn’t really a case, but two rubber protectors that cover the opposite corners of an iPhone 5. Put […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 May Feature Wireless Charging, With a Catch

The Galaxy S3 didn't feature wireless charging but the Galaxy S4 might.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, which has been heavily rumored to feature wireless charging, has again been pegged to have access to the technology though again it appears that it won’t feature built-in wireless charging but will instead feature wireless charging with a catch. Read: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Final Round. Last year, […]

Nexus 7 Dock Finally Available in Google Play Store

The Nexus 7 2 will replace the older Nexus 7 which arrived in July of last year.

The Nexus 7 dock, which has been available through third-party retailers since January, has finally made its way to the Google Play Store where Google is charging $29.99 for the privilege of owning one. Read: Nexus 7 Dock Review. In January, the long-awaited Asus-made Nexus 7 dock arrived for Nexus 7 owners in the United […]

LG Introduces New Smart Cover Cases for Optimus G Pro Smartphone


Apple had popularized the idea of the smart cover for its iPad tablet where magnets placed discretely in the cover flap and the tablet itself can activate the screen when the cover is opened or turn off the display when the cover is closed. The idea has been adopted by Microsoft on its Surface Touch […]

Take an iPhone Fishing, or More, with Hitcase and Suckr Marine Mount

hitcase suckr

Hitcase, the makers of rugged iPhone cases useful for outdoor sports enthusiasts, will soon add a new mounting system called the SuckR. It mounts the iPhone housed in one of Hitcase’s rugged iPhone 4/4S cases. The Hitcase and Suckr mount works with their upcoming iPhone 5 Hitcase, coming in March. Hitcase designed the SuckR mounting system […]

Best Nexus 4 Accessories

Nexus 4 Accessory - tripod

There are a growing number of Nexus 4 accessories that extend the usefulness of the Nexus 4. From accessories that protect the Nexus 4, charge the device and help users enjoy the Nexus 4 more, we have it covered. Now that the Nexus 4 is widely available on the Google Play Store and even Free from T-Mobile […]

White Nexus 4 Bumper Appears

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 11.43.29 AM

Possible evidence of the elusive white Nexus 4 has appeared again as a Canadian retailer has put a white version of the Nexus 4’s bumper case up for sale even though no white Nexus 4 exists yet, at least officially. Read: White Nexus 4 Leaks. Since the Nexus 4 launched back in November, there have […]

Scosche Lightning Cables for iPhone and iPad Charge in Car or Home

strikebase pro 12

Accessory maker Scosche just announced a set of Scosche Lightning cables that will charge the iPhone 5, iPad mini and new 4th generation iPad with Retina Display. Most come at a slightly lower cost than what buyers can get from Apple. Two of the three models of Lightning cables come in both a 5-watt and higher […]

Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Shipping Out February 16th

Nexus 4 wireless charging orb shipping

The Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb, the official wireless charger for LG’s Nexus smartphone, is likely going to be shipping out starting February 16th with Google sending out shipping confirmations to those who ordered the device when it went on sale yesterday. Read: Nexus 4 On Sale for $50 at T-Mobile. Yesterday, Google quietly started […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Rumored Again


The Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, has emerged in another rumor today with a report again claiming that Samsung has prepared eight accessories for the upcoming smartphone, thought to have a launch date set for next month and a release date a few weeks after in the month […]

Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Now Available in Google Play Store

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 11.52.00 AM

The long-awaited Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb, which showed up at a retailer a short time ago, has shown up in a more official manner today making an appearance on the Google Play Store with the accessory listed as shipping out this week. Read: Nexus 4 On Sale for $50 at T-Mobile. In late January, […]

Acase Collatio iPhone 5 Case Review: A Leather Wallet for Your iPhone

acase collatio iPhone 5 case

The Acase Collatio iPhone 5 Case gives users an attractive two-tone brown leather wallet case for their iPhone 5. Wallet cases offer some protection for an iPhone, while adding wallet functionality. Most of the time they’re small and let the user carry just a credit card or two, a license or ID card, maybe some […]

Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Appears for $60, Release in Weeks


The long-awaited Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb accessory, which was debuted alongside the Nexus 4 back in November but has yet to make it to shelves, has appeared at an online retailer with a $59.99 price tag. The device, however, remains out of the reach of customers and could remain that way until next month. […]