Glasses-Free 3D Experience Comes to iPhone, iPad Via Accessory Film


*+-For iOS owners who are envious of their Android counterparts with the glasses-free 3D experience of the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint and forthcoming AT&T LG Thrill 4G, they can now join in the 3D experiences via an inexpensive accessory. The accessory, a $25 film to be placed on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad […]

Titanium is the Claim to Fame of $300 iPhone 4 Bumper


*+-Third-party accessory-maker Case-Mate is releasing a $300 iPhone 4 bumper-style case that is machined from a solid chunk of titanium. The metal, which is found on aircrafts, expensive cars, and American Express Black Card charge cards, is durable, strong, while still being lightweight. While the case design is fashioned to look like Apple’s own rubber […]

Is Asus Working on a Phone That Docks Into a Tablet?


*+-Remember the Motorola Atrix 4G Tegra 2-powered Android smartphone for AT&T that conveniently converts into a ‘laptop’ with the optional, yet expensive, Laptop Dock? It appears that Asus may be working on a similar phone-dock concept, this time though, rather than a laptop dock, Asus may be bring a smartphone with a Tablet Dock. Teaser […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Caught in Picture with Keyboard


*+-Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9, which slots right in between the larger Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the smaller Galaxy Tab 7 tablets, was recently spotted in a picture with a keyboard dock. The unique thing about the Galaxy Tab 8.9’s keyboard dock is that the device works in landscape mode in the dock, rather than the […]

Fulcrum Brings Biometric Security to iPod Touch


*+-Fulcrum is releasing a biometric hardware and software solution for the iPod Touch to authenticate its users via fingerprint. The accessory solution will be ideal for sensitive and critical information and could help the adoption of iOS and the iPod Touch device as a mobile computing platform in healthcare, law enforcement, and other government functions […]

iPhone 5 Case Suggests Camera Re-Design, Edge-to-Edge Screen


*+-While an analyst had suggested that the next-generation iPhone, to be released this fall, will only be a modest upgrade and will utilize the same iphone 4 form factor but to come with Sprint and T-Mobile support for the U.S. market along with an HSPA+ radio for GSM units, a recent case design leaked case […]

RIM Hints at Keyboard Plans for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet


*+-Research in Motion’s head of accessories Bruce Winter had hinted that a keyboard accessory may be coming in the next few months for the Canandian BlackBerry-maker’s first tablet foray with the BlackBerry PlayBook. The move would be the first time that RIM would be releasing a keyboard that’s not attached to one of its smartphones, known […]

iTablet Thumb Keyboard Comes with Rear Touchpad

Thumb Keyboard Front & Back V2a

*+-iTablet Thumb Keyboard is looking to bring a compact Bluetooth keyboard to market for thumb typists that will feature a trackpad or touchpad on the rear. The company is targeting the keyboard not only at the smartphone and tablet market, but also as a means to control living room TV boxes, such as the Google […]

Verizon SF Retail Store Confirms No Droid Charge in Stock


*+-After a couple meetings in San Francisco, California, I walked into a corporate-owned Verizon Wireless retail store near the Union Square shopping district to see what types of accessories, cases, and new devices the store may have on display. After inquiring about a case for the Samsung Droid Charge, I was told that the store […]

Is the Laptop Dock the Culprit Behind the New Droid Bionic Form Factor?


*+-Given Motorola’s recent confirmation that it would be bringing the Laptop Dock accessory to more smartphones in the future and the company’s CEO stating that the Droid Bionic will be delayed and will be launching with a new form factor, it begs the question if these two separate statements may in fact be correlated with […]

Incipio Introduces Smart feather iPad 2 Case

iPad 2 Smart feather Back

*+-Incipio is bringing its Feather case to support the iPad 2, which will also be compatible with Apple’s magnetic Smart Cover. The Smart feather iPad 2 case provides users with additional protection for the rear and sides of the Apple-made tablet. Cutouts for the case give users access to the necessary ports and also allow […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Laptop Keyboard Dock Expected for $150


*+-Though Asus and its retail partners have yet to announce official pricing for the optional laptop keyboard dock accessory that latches onto the Eee Pad Transformer Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet to create a laptop experience, various retailers have thus far leaked the accessory at $150. The leaks cove via two retail partners who have put […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Gets Unboxed Ahead of Retail Launch


*+-The Asus Eee Pad Transformer, which we saw initially at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, was obtained by a lucky YouTuber who unboxed the the slim tablet. The tablet, which is sold separate from its transforming notebook dock, is slim and runs on Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet operating system. With a 10.1-inch […]

Verizon Droid Charge Accessory Leaks Out Ahead of Launch


*+-With the anticipated launch of the Samsung-branded Droid Charge soon, a device that was merely known as the Samsung 4G LTE Android smartphone at the CES unveiling of Verizon’s 4G consumer device lineup, a new accessory was leaked out. A tipster had sent Engadget a photo of a box for a multimedia dock for the […]

Judge Approvals Apple Lawsuit Against Third-Party Accessory-Makers


*+-Apple has received approval from a judge to continue its lawsuit against EForCity and other third-party accessory-makers for infringing on 9 of the iPhone-maker’s patents as well as creating low-quality accessories that are seen as harmful to and detrimental for use with Apple products. The lawsuit was originally filed in July 2010. In that suit, […]

New Apple Dock Connector Patent Hints at USB 3.0, Thunderbolt Support

Dock Connector

*+-An Apple patent was recently discovered that reveals a new dock connector providing support for newer, faster transfer speeds through the use of USB 3.0, Display Port, and Thunderbolt technologies. Additionally, the dock connector, though supporting 30 pins, is smaller than what is currently available on the market today for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and […]