HTC One M8 Ace Specs & Release Date Rumored


Earlier this year when rumors first started about the now available HTC One M8, there was a second device being talked about called the HTC M8 Ace. While we haven’t heard too much about the smartphone lately, new reports this week are reportedly revealing some features buyers can expect, and the release date. With the […]

Intel, Samsung Investing in Digital Voice Startup Expect Labs

Screenshot (17)

Intel, Telefonica, and Samsung are have announced that they’ll be making strategic investments in Expect Labs, a company that hopes to use its research to extend the speech capabilities of mobile devices and provide predictive search results even without the user asking for the search. The investments, all three of which originated from their respective […]

Four New Smartphones Join the Samsung Galaxy Family


Samsung has introduced four new smartphones to its Galaxy family, which has the Galaxy S as its flagship smartphone. The four phones are the Ace, Gio, Fit and Mini. The Ace is priced at 349 euros, the Gio at 249 euros, and the Mini at 199 euros in the Netherlands according to Samsung Hub. These […]