Acer Getting Ready to Roll Out MIDs


Yahoo News is reporting that Acer is getting ready to roll out a series of Mobile Internet Devices (MID) by the end of May. Except for saying that the devices will feature version 4.0 of Acer’s Shell User Interface and that the devices will feature 3G connectivity and be able to share data, Acer wasn’t […]

Acer Aspire 1820PT pricing unofficially official


Word out of Engadget is the Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PT convertible tablet will be priced at 599 Euros. They’re guessing that means it’ll be priced at $599 in the States. Sounds about right, especially since one of our forum members, Elmstrom, already found it priced on for £599.99 recommended retail.

That why he’s the president of Acer and you’re not

Acer Taiwan president Scott Lin stated straight out he has no plans to go head-on against the iPad based on the strength of its music and app stores. Kudos to Lin for understanding the game. Going against the iPad doesn’t just mean competing against the device. It also means going against its ecosystem, same problem […]

Acer Aims to be First with Chrome Netbook


Acer is aiming to be the first out of the chute with a Google Chrome based Netbook in 2010 according to a report on DigiTimes. I’m not surprised they are making noise about this, because Acer is making noise on lots of fronts. Who will actually get there first is a race that, if nothing […]

Acer Joins the Multi-Touch Laptop Crowd


I admit I haven’t been quite onboard with the current touchscreen laptop trend, but the more I think about different usage scenarios and positions, like actually using one on your lap with the screen low and angled, the more I’m starting to come around. Thus, I’m somewhat enthusiastic about Acer’s new Aspire AS5738PG touchscreen notebook […]

Verizon to Offer Subsidized Gateway (Acer) Netbook


Verizon is offering the Gateway LT2016U Netbook at a subsidized price. If it looks familiar to Acer Netbook fans that’s because it is essentially the Acer Aspire One D250. Remember Acer bought Gateway awhile back. Prices vary depending on how you want to play the subsidized game (or not.) If you want the Netbook outright […]

Google Shining Up Chrome for Mobile Devices

It looks like Google is getting ready to unleash its Chrome Browser on at least one vendors hardware and possibly getting ready to roll out its Chrome OS sooner than we’ve all heard before. According to this report on Mashable, Google has penned a deal with Sony to include the Chrome Browser on the VAIO […]

Intel Says Pine Trail Will Debut in 2009


On again, off again, on again. Intel is responding pretty loudly to word that its Pine Trail chipset was going to be delayed until 2010. That’s not the case says Mooley Eden of Intel. Look for Pine Trail in 2009 as previously planned. It either will or it won’t ship in 2009 and we’ll find […]

No New Netbooks from Asus and Acer in 2nd Half of 2009

Looks like Asus and Acer are going to shift some focus a bit in the latter half of this year according to DigiTimes. The report indicates that this is due to Intel pushing the rollout of its Pine Trail-M platform until 2010. There will still be plenty of mobile device action, as Asus will move […]

Set up a Netbook on Sunday

Acer Aspire next to my CD drive

Got my hands on an Acer Aspire netbook this Sunday, helping friends set it up for their daughter. Felt like a giant trying to work that tiny keyboard and 8.9″ screen (it’s barely bigger than my external CD burner), but for a ten year-old girl, it’s a winner. One of the questions they asked before […]

Acer Android Netbooks to Dual-Boot with Windows

Photo via Yen-Shyang Hwang, Digitimes, June 2009

Some people, particularly the open source enthusiasts, are putting a negative spin on this story, but I kind of like the news from Digitimes that Acer’s plan to introduce netbooks running Google Android will include the ability to dual boot to Windows. First, I generally lean positively toward dual boot systems. Sometimes you need something […]

NVIDIA Charges Up ION-Powered Products Too

Funtwist, an ION-powered desktop

Tegra may be NVIDIA’s hot product of ultra-mobiles and portables, but it’s not their only mobile computing offering at Computex. They’re showcasing a number of ION-based products, including several notebooks. Also, the desktops they’re highlighting include machines from well-known netbook vendors Asus, Acer, and MSI, so you can assume they must be looking at offering […]

Netbooks Miss First Quarter Sales Targets

Is the bloom off the rose? In these days and times it is tough to measure things in the way we used to do for years. That said, Digitimes is reporting that Netbooks missed the first quarter sales targets as shipment volumes weren’t what was expected. Sources are saying that it this is due partially […]

Acer Aspire D150 Netbook Coming Soon?


Looks like the next Acer Netbook might be just around the corner.  Ubergizmo noticed that the new D150 has been approved by the FCC.  This usually means that a release is soon to follow!  Will it be as popular as the Aspire One?  Only time will tell as there are SOO many choices now!

Acer Considering a Phase Out of Their 8.9” Netbook

According to Digitimes, Acer is thinking about phasing out their 8.9” netbook the in 2Q 2009 in order to make way for their new 10.1” model: Acer is reportedly considering phasing out its consumer 8.9-inch Aspire one in the second quarter of 2009 to make way for the upcoming 10.1-inch model, according to notebook industry […]

Acer, Asus, Toshiba Planning to Use Snapdragon?

Interesting. According to this article at CNet, Asus, Acer and Toshiba are working on small notebooks using Qualcomm’s instant-on solution, Snapdragon. Actually, according to Manjitt Gill (the interviewee) it is more like always on. “Our vision is that (the device is) always connected. Even when you shut it down, it’s still ‘on.’ (The laptop) goes […]

Acer Leads In Netbook Sales

netbook report

I wouldn’t have thought this to be the case, but then that shows you how much or how little I know. A report out today from DisplaySearch shows that Acer leads all Netbook manufacturers accounting for a 38.3% market share. Asus is in second place with 30.3% and way behind in third place is HP […]

Acer Aspire One – Perfect for Children


I was around at a few different stores over the weekend and saw a few things that I didn’t expect to see (or at least know about).  One I didn’t know about was the Sony Reader being at Target for sale.  Not that it’s odd, I just haven’t seem them in a store.  There was […]