Acer To Acquire Gateway

Engadget is reporting that Acer will acquire Gateway (assuming all the regulatory approvals go forward) with the deal set to close somewhere towards the end of this year. Acer is the number 3 PC maker globally and Gateway is number 3 in the US. This will be interesting to follow from a Tablet PC perspective […]

Best and Worst Notebook Designs of the Modern Era?

Laptop Magazine has published a roundup of what they offer as the Best and Worst notebook designs of the modern era. Intriguingly, their number design is the Acer TravelMate C100, one of the first convertible Tablet PCs. Have a look at the article and let us know what you think. Hat Tip to jkkmobile.   Tags: […]

OEM Sales Numbers Get Released, Good News for Mobile PC Sales

Gotta love the ebb and flow of OEMs and overall sales positions. IDC is reporting that the overall PC market in the U.S. has grown by 7.2%, mostly due to notebook sales. This bodes well for continued Tablet PC and UMPC growth, as more and more folks are making choices to buy mobile pc’s over […]

On The Road and Mobile Again Prepping Part III: Packing Up

The only thing worse than getting ready for time on the road is coming back from time on the road and having to catch up. Especially when you are leaving for an extended period of time. We head out on Christmas Day and then return on Jan 14, hitting Richmond, VA, Chicago, IL, and Las […]

Josh Bancroft Answers Some Questions About The Asus R2H UMPC

Josh Bancroft has been providing some really good coverage of the Asus R2H UMPC on Tiny Screenfuls, inlcuding more pictures than you can count, an unboxing video, and a look at Vista on the R2H. He’s recently posted a list of questions from readers and his answers. Good info if you’re looking at this popular […]

Acer discontinues the C310 and C200 Tablet PC has received word from an “industry source” that Acer has discontinued its C310 Tablet PC and C200 Tablet PC. There is no official word if they plan on replacing those two models with new models, or if they are gettting out of the Tablet PC business altogether. The C310 and C200 will be available […]

Lenovo firmly behind Tablet PC, what about Acer?

In an article about Lenovo questioning the corporate adoption of Vista, there was this interesting little blurb regarding Lenovo and their stead-fastness behind Tablet PCs. What is really interesting is the comment about Acer. The author says more information regarding Acer and Tablet PCs is coming in the next issue of IT Pro: The […]

Acer C200 Series Tablet – A lifekludger review

After doing my own review of the Acer C200 series, I have kept an eye out for other reviews. I’m afraid I really got shown up this time! Want to see a true test of “usability” and accessibility on the Acer C200? Enter David Wallace, aka “lifekludger”. Dave is a C4 Quadraplegic since an auto […]

Acer C200 series Tablet PC review!

Well, one would think as long as it took my to get this review done that this one would be pretty good! Not so sure about that fact, but I do have to say it was quite the learning experience! This review is a bit more comprehensive (and thus much larger and longer) than most […]

Acer Tablet Laptop Review with Zbrush

I absolutely love this Acer C310 Tablet PC review written by Chris Grimm. Why? He does the review in conjunction with a review of ZBrush – a 3D modeling app. Very well done and some great photos. Here is a snippet of the introdution: Over the past 8 months I have had the pleasure of owning […]

Acer C200 Review, Celeron configuration — Great Job Barry Doyle!

– (image courtesy of One of the things we expect to do really well on this site is to review hardware and software. However, when we come across a really good review done elsewhere, we certainly want to help pass the word! Barry Doyle of has done a great review of the Acer […]