Google Ready to Close Meebo Deal


It looks like after Google Plus, Google is looking to further entrench itself in the social media space with a rumored acquisition of Meebo. Meebo, a site that originated as a browser-based chat services that integrates services such as AOL’s AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN, has emerged to include social sharing and interest-driven […]

AT&T to Allow T-Mobile Customers to Retain Current Rate Plan After Contract Expires


In a move to ease regulatory approval and hopefully win over the opposition–which includes the Department of Justice, seven state attorney generals, rivals such as Sprint and Cellular South, and others–a leaked T-Mobile document answers what happens to current customers’ rate plans once the acquisition happens. According to that document, AT&T will allow current T-Mobile […]

In Push for Local, Google Acquires Zagat


Google, which has built its business around the global search market, is now making an even more aggressive push to help its users discover what is local to them. The search giant had announced Thursday that it has acquired Zagat, which provides authoritative reviews for restaurants and websites, in a move that is seen as […]

Despite Google, Motorola Deal, Android Still Offers Most Hope for HTC, Samsung, LG, Others


Various blogs have reacted to Google’s recently announced $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility may saying that various rival Android smartphone-makers–HTC, Samsung, LG, and others–may not be completely happy with the deal as they’d be the odd third-wheel in a marriage of two–the union of Google’s Android operating system software with Motorola’s phone and tablet […]

Verizon Predicts that AT&T Will Successfully Acquire T-Mobile


Back in March, AT&T had announced its $39 billion plan to acquire T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth largest national carrier. Since the announcement was made, AT&T’s largest competitor, Verizon Wireless, was surprisingly silent on its position about the merger while Sprint and a number of regional carriers are vocally opposed to the acquisition, calling on […]

Why Is HTC Buying S3 Graphics?


HTC has announced that it is acquiring S3 graphics from VIA Technologies and WTI for $300 million. Though HTC has focused its business on making smartphones and user interface and apps to differentiate itself from rivals in the past, the move could propel HTC into the chip business where HTC may not have to rely […]

Nokia Refutes Speculations of Acquisition by Microsoft


Famed leaker of Nokia information Eldar Murtazin had tweeted that Microsoft would purchase Nokia by the end of 2011, though pricing and terms were not known, creating many to speculate about Microsoft’s foray into creating its own hardware for Windows Phone 7 and potentially alienating other OEMs of the platform. However, Nokia has responded and […]