How to Bypass iCloud Lock

Here is how to bypass iCloud lock on an otherwise useless iPhone.

iCloud lock or Find My iPhone Activation Lock prevents someone from stealing an iPhone, erasing it and using it as their own. It can also lock out users who forget their information or who buy a used phone from an owner that did not remove their information from it. There are two ways to bypass […]

Activation Lock Leads to Decreased iPhone Theft. Samsung Thefts Rise


Both Microsoft and Google have announced that they will include “kill switches” for mobile phones going forward. Those announcements have accompanied statements from the Secure Our Smartphone Initiative which brought political pressure to bear on a reluctant mobile industry afraid of hits to the bottom line.┬áThe reason for a “kill switch?” Kill switches help deter […]

Will New Security and Unlock Measures Lead to Passwords in Your Will?


Interesting story that should leave us all with something to think about. A woman purchased an iPad while she was undergoing cancer treatment. She later passed away and bequeathed the iPad to one of her five sons. Her son discovered that he didn’t have his mother’s password or Apple ID so he couldn’t unlock the […]

Carrier Politics Keep Samsung Phones at High Risk for Theft


Despite the best efforts of lawmakers in San Francisco and New York to get a “kill switch” implemented on smartphones to help reduce and curb the theft of high-end smartphones, politics from the carriers are preventing such an effort from happening for Samsung. A kill switch would make it hard, if not impossible, to restore, […]

iOS 7 Endorsed by Law Enforcement, Upgrade Now.


New security changes implemented by Apple in the latest iOS 7 software update have gained the praise of law enforcement officials with the local District Attorney George Gascon of San Francisco going as far as urging people to upgrade to the latest software update as soon as possible. The security features make it harder, if […]

Planned Samsung, LG Kill Switch May Help Deter Smartphone Thefts


Following Apple’s Activation Lock feature that is debuting in iOS 7 this fall, rivals LG and Samsung are planning a smartphone kill switch that would make it hard for smartphone thieves to activate and use stolen phones. By making this difficult, tech companies are hoping that thefts of mobile phone would be less appealing–if the […]