How to Fix the “Waiting for Activation” iMessage Error

iMessage has improved, but is still causing problems.

Since the launch of iOS 5, Apple has supported texting and IMs via iMessage. Sending an iMessage is a lot like sending a text message, except that it uses the phone’s Internet data connection (or Wi-Fi) to send the message. For people who are on limited text messaging plans, this is a great way to […]

Sprint Will Activate Verizon Galaxy Nexus on the Now Network?


There have been reports by users in communications with Sprint customer service, retail stores, and online chat that the carrier is willing and capable of activating a Verizon Galaxy Nexus on its own 3G Now Network. As Sprint and Verizon both operate the same 2G and 3G airwaves on the same spectrum, the move wouldn’t […]

Now I’m a Victim of AT&T and Apple’s Success

Activation Failure Screen

Yes, AT&T fumbled the ball today, again! I am the guy who wrote the reasoned article about being patient as you wait for your phone to activate, because like my first activation it should only take about 10-20 minutes and you’ll be done. Then I tried activating my second phone. Now at 6PM, after getting […]

Apple & AT&T Victims of Own Success with iPhone 4S Activation Failures

iPhone Activation Failed

UPS dropped off my iPhone 4s this morning and I tried to wirelessly activate it (which is nice, as you used to have to hook it up to a computer running iTunes). After three attempts activation failed. I searched Twitter, and guess what? Many people experienced the same thing. Sadly, the vaunted “Apple Out of […]

Why 500,000 Android Activations a Day Matters To Android Users

Android Activations Good For Apps

Every day carriers activate over 500,000 new Android devices, welcoming new users to the Android¬†experience on tablets and smartphones. This is much higher than the 275,000 iOS device activations per day which Apple reported back in October. Most users may not care how many new Android devices Google is activating per day, but if you […]

Apple Patents Wireless iPhone Activations


When the original iPhone launched, many had heralded what Apple had done for the phone industry–allowed users to buy unlocked phones and activate the phones themselves at home when they connect the smartphone to their computers via iTunes. The process reduces the amount of time that users spend in stores and is quick, and intended […]