Part 1 | Motion Computing CL900 – The Hardware

CL900 On Dock

We spend time with the Motion Computing CL900 slate. It has multi-touch, digital ink, and up to eight hours battery life in a small, light slate. Does it live up to it’s potential as the perfect companion in the office, on the road, and sitting on the couch?

Virtual Keyboards for Active Ink Software

On the Active Ink Software Blog they are touting virtual keyboards that work with their products. While I never was a heavy user of virtual keyboards, all this virtual keyboard news of late is making we wish I had a touch screen enabled device lying around. Technorati Tags: Active Ink,Virtual Keyboard

Automating a Service Call With a Tablet PC

Active Ink has put up a great video running through a full service call simulation on a Tablet PC.  Custom forms, drop downs, easy transfer are just some of the items shown in the video.  It’s a nice example of how field users can benefit from connectivity and a Tablet PC at the same time!

The Service Manager – Completing the Work Flow for Field Force

Tablet PC technology really begins to shine for businesses when it is coupled with software that helps to streamline work flow, which in turn, helps cash flow. That is what Active Ink Software’s Service Manager does by automating the process of work orders, communications with service technicians, and invoicing back in the home office. In […]

Capturing and Annotating Images Real Time

Businesses reap huge benefits when they are able to implement solutions like what Active Ink Software has demoed below. Using their form collection software and Motion Computing’s Semi-Rugged F5 Tablet PC, Active Ink captures images real time using the F5 integrated camera, annotates them, and sync them to the home office using the F5’s integrated […]

Active Ink: Tablet PC Sales Expectations Never Realized

Insightful comments from Active Ink Software, one of the early and leading ISVs in the Tablet PC space, on Tablet PCs, sales, developers, and Microsoft: Any venture capitalists out there paying attention? As a tablet PC software developer, I feel your pain. We created an electronic form data entry application for the tablet PC five […]

Florida Environmental Health Department Inking It Up with Active Ink

Active Ink Software just let us know, through their blog, that the Florida Environmental Health Department has deployed up to 2,000 Tablet PCs with Active Ink form filling software to help them ensure that the places we all eat in are up to snuff. The implementation will take 12 – 18 months, but once complete, […]

Tablet PC Tech Being Used by Union Telecard

Steve Hoffman just posted about how Union Telecard, one the largest prepaid phone card distributors in the U.S., uses Tablet PC technology combined with Active Ink’s software to process contracts and sales. Union Telecard, one of the largest distributors of prepaid phone cards in the United States, uses tablet PCs to manage their sales process.  […]

Active Ink Software Begins Offering 14-Day Trial Downloads

Up until today, Active Ink Software did not offer a publicly available download trial for their ink-enabled forms software. Well, they have just launched a new 14-day trial download, giving everyone an opportunity to try out their excellent forms software before making a decision to buy. If you have not had the opportunity of trying […]

Health Clinic to use Tablet PCs with Active Ink software

Another medical clinic has decided to go paperless! The University of Miami’s heart clinic has chosen Active Ink’s tablet PC solution to automate their entire patient check-in process from patient arrival to greeting the doctor. In the work flow, the front desk clerk, the patient, and the doctor all use Tablet PCs with Active Ink […]

Active Ink Software Releases Professional Designer 6.0

Active Ink Software has released Professional Designer 6.0, which is forms designer software designed for the Tablet PC. I have been using the beta version for awhile now, and the improvements are quite good. Look for an InkShow on Active Ink in the next week or two. Learn more by reading the press release below […]

Tablet PC Functionality as a Standard Feature in Vista is a Good Thing

There was a lot of negative talk last year about Tablet PC features being morphed into Vista. A lot of folks worried that Tablet PC marketing and features would get pushed under the rug as a result, and we would never hear about tablet again. I’ve always been of the opinion that Tablet PC being a […]

Filling Out Forms on Small Tablets and Touch

Steve Hoffman, of Active Ink Software, is posting some good insight in using forms based software with small tablet pcs, like the OQO, along with touch vs active digitizer tablets. Good stuff, especially if you are considering using Tablet PCs to enter forms based information. I’m curioous, when using forms based software, what size tablet pc […]

Tablet PCs, Active Ink, and Food Inspection

We are seeing more and more stories about vertical applications of Tablet PCs. The good folks at Active Ink passed this one along tooting their own horn and rightly so. The Spokane, Washington Health District has adopted Tablet PCs for their food inspection process. Of course they are using Active Ink’s software solution. Check it […]

KB Homes selects Active Ink Software

There are several people I really enjoying talking with in and around the Tablet PC space. Active Ink Software’s Steve Hoffman is one of those folks. I’ve known Steve for about 3 years and his enthusiasm for the tablet pc space is highly contagious. He called me yesterday to tell me about a new customer that Active […]

Active Ink and Allegiance Technology Partners to show off Tablet PCs and forms software

It has been a busy weekend of news gathering – got this in from John Hill of Allegiance Technology Partners Allegiance Technology ( and Active Ink ( are partnering to show off the latest Tablet PCs running electronic forms software in beautiful Orange County, California. Steve Hoffman, VP of Active Ink and John Hill, CEO […]

Allegiance Technology Partners wins major Tablet PC contract

Great news for Allegiance Technology Partners, and Tablet PCs in general. As further proof that Tablet PCs are problem solving solutions, has inked a major contract to provide a total Tablet PC solution for the Montgomery County Health Department in Pennsylvania. They will be using Motion Computing Tablet PCs and forms based software from […]

Active Ink Software releases SDK

Last night I told you about Active Ink’s new blog, and today Active Ink Software has announced an SDK  for integrating custom forms into 3rd party applications. From their press release: Active Ink Software, Inc., a Microsoft Premier Tablet PC Partner announced the general availability of the Active Ink Software Development Kit (SDK) for integrating custom […]

Active Ink Software starts blogging

While driving on I-70 headed west to Colorado Springs today, Steve Hoffman of Active Ink Software gave me a ring. Steve and I met several years ago at CES and got to know each other a bit better at the Mobile Partners conference in Redmond this past January. Active Ink Software was one of the […]

ActiveInk continues to solve form-filling problems for businesses

Lora Heiny just posted an article about East Point Systems and how they are embedding Active Ink Software’s form based software into their own application using Active Ink’s SDK. From the press release: East Point Systems, Inc., the leading provider of software for the Mortgage Field Services Industry, has embedded Active Ink’s Tablet PC form filling […]