How to Connect Your Android Phone to iOS Dock Accessories Revisited


When I entered the Android arena I was frustrated by the number of iOS accessories I own that were suddenly incompatible with my preferred smartphone thanks to the proprietary Apple dock connector. Fortunately I found a product that lets users connect an Android phone to the many cars and audio accessories which have Apple connectors. […]

How to Use Your Android Phone with iOS Dock Equipped Audio Accessories

CableJive Dock Input Connector

As someone who has recently entered the Android arena after being a an Phone user, one problem is using my collection of iOS audio accessories with my new HTC Thunderbolt. Many accessories have a headphone jack, but for those that don’t, we’ve found a great adapter from CableJive. The CableJive Dock Input Cable ($18.95 )has a female 30-pin […]

iPad 5-in-1 Connection Kit Available with Ports to Spare

USB Fever 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad

USB Fever and their new 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad is solving a problem for Apple iPad users. With Apple unwilling to put USB or SD card connectors in the iPad, we have adapters. Apple has one for USB, SD, VGA and now HDMI. But who wants a bunch of dongles? With Fever you actually have […]

Tired of Cord Spaghetti…I Want My Green Plug


Every device I buy seems to comes with way too many cords, many of which are incompatible with any other device I own. Today I was looking for a power cable for my Logitech Air Mouse , which I haven’t used for a long time, and had to comb through a giant ball of cords […]