How to Use Facebook on iPhone with No Ads


The recent changes to Facebook’s iPhone app has made it all the more annoying to use. The company updated its app to hide the “Most Recent” feed, which is arguably the most-popular feature of the entire app. Plus, the addition of more and more ads makes the Facebook iPhone app nearly unbearable to use. However, […]

Apple’s Alleged Super Bowl Ad is a Tribute to Mac Shot on iPhones


Apple didn’t debut a new ad during last night’s Super Bowl, as was speculated, but the company did release a new ad today that celebrates the Mac’s 30th anniversary by paying tribute to the computer that aimed to put technology in the hands of consumers. The ad is a minute and a half long and […]

Is a New Apple Super Bowl Mac Ad Incoming?


If you can count and are familiar with Apple’s 1984 Macintosh Super Bowl ad, then you might know that 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of that commercial, which is still one of the most memorable ads yet. It would seem appropriate then that Apple would come back 30 years later with another memorable Super Bowl […]

Xbox One Ad Campaign Officially Launches


We’re just under a month away from the Xbox One’s official launch on November 22, and Microsoft is now beginning its guerrilla marketing campaign in order to get the word out of the company’s new gaming console. Microsoft’s first advertisement for this Xbox One campaign is an “invitation” to play the Xbox One, with cameos […]

First iPhone 5s Ad Airs to Show Off the Gold Model We Can’t Get

iphone-5s-review 5

Apple really loves its gold-colored iPhone 5s, and the company’s first television ad showing off the new device touts that fact. The ad began airing yesterday throughout the day during NFL football games, and it puts particular focus on the gold color of the iPhone 5s, as well as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The […]

Google Launching Shared Endorsements, Here’s How to Disable It

Screenshot 2013-10-11 13.48.21

Google has announced changes to its Terms of Service today that will take effect next month. The company says it made three changes to the Terms, the biggest one being that your Google+ profile name and photo “might appear in Google products (including in reviews, advertising and other commercial contexts).” Google is calling this feature Shared […]

Educational Apps May Actually Hurt Your Child’s Development


Tablet and smartphone apps that claim educational benefits are now the target of consumer watchdog group Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. The group is challenging some of the marketing claims made by apps such as Fisher-Price’s Laugh and Learn in a recent complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC. The group had been responsible in […]

Google Shuns Ads on Google Glass


Though Google generates a significant portion of its revenues on placing ads, the Internet search giant is making a bold move in asking developers of its new Google Glass platform to not embed ads into apps made for the new wearable computing form factor. The company had issued guidelines just as Glass is beginning to […]

Samsung Spent 4 Billion in Marketing to Rival iPhone in 2012

Samsung and Apple advertising budgets

Last year Samsung became Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone market, and it spent four times as much on marketing as Apple did to get to that point. Today the Asymco blog updated a story about how much Samsung spends on its mobile efforts with a chart comparing the company’s marketing budget with that of […]

First Droid DNA Ad Forgets Biggest Selling Point

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 10.31.54 AM

Last night, Verizon released the first advertisement for its latest Droid-branded smartphone, the 5-inch Droid DNA. The commercial has all the charactertistics we’ve come to expect from ads promoting Droid devices. Robots, an ominous voice, no dialogue, and a setting in the future, all of which have been used to sell Verizon’s devices to consumers. […]

Entertainment Weekly Embeds Android Phone Inside Physical Magazine

EWeekly Logo

It looks like for the October 5th edition of Entertainment Weekly (EW) magazine, readers will be treated to a special 3G-enabled Android device to deliver tweets and advertising. There will only be 1,000 copies of the digitally enhanced magazine in this limited run where Entertainment Weekly will use the Android device to deliver Twitter messages and help to […]

New Samsung Galaxy S III Ad Hits the Mark

Galaxy S III

Those in the United States still waiting on an official Samsung Galaxy S III release date will want to take a look at the lengthy new commercial that Samsung has released for its smartphone. One, because it’s good and two, because it dives into great detail. For well over a year now I have been […]

ESPN Chooses Money Over Users with Mobile Apps

ESPN Chooses Money Over Users with Mobile Apps

Earlier today, Gawker reported on an extremely shady move by ESPN as far as its ESPN Radio app is concerned. ESPN will be introducing a new and improved ESPN Radio application for $4.99. However, it will be closing up shop on its aging ESPN Radio app that it launched back in 2009. That wouldn’t be […]

Nicki Minaj Promotes Nokia’s New Windows Phone Using a BlackBerry

Whoops: Nicki Minaj Promotes Windows Phone Using a BlackBerry

On Sunday, Nokia kicked off a huge promotion for its Lumia 900, the first 4G LTE Windows Phone to launch in the United States. The spectacle included a light show and a concert by performer Nicki Minaj in Times Square, all done to promote the launch of the new phone. Well, turns out, at least […]

Watch Every iPhone Ad in Order, Plus The Top 5 iPhone Ads

Hello iPhone

The iPhone is arguably one of the best smartphones available, and it’s almost hard to believe the phone launched only 5 years ago with an ad that simply said, “Hello.” While the rest of the mobile industry has struggled to put together ads that attract users, save the original Droid Does campaign by Verizon, Apple […]

Galaxy Note Takes on the iPhone in New Ad (Video)

Galaxy Note

Over the last several months, Samsung has targeted Apple’s iPhone and its legions of fans. The ad campaign culminated in a huge Super Bowl ad, the first for Samsung’s mobile division, that featured everything from Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears to a guy getting shot out of a cannon. And let’s not forget the […]

PlayBook OS 2.0 Ads Are Good, But Almost a Year Late


You may have heard. RIM has finally gone ahead and released the highly anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update that will finally bring the tablet the features it should have had when it launched all the way back in April of 2011. For those not keeping record, we are now in February 0f 2012 and […]

Amazon Takes on the iPad in New Kindle Ad

Amazon Kindle Fire

Over the last couple of months, Samsung has produced a number of advertisements that have taken shots at Apple, its fans and its products. And now, it appears that Amazon has joined the fray with a new Kindle ad that takes shots at Apple’s iPad while touting the benefits of the company’s Kindle e-reader and […]

Samsung Unleashes Galaxy Note Super Bowl Teaser Video


Don’t ask us why, but Samsung has released an early teaser video of its upcoming Super Bowl ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note which will be hitting AT&T’s 4G LTE network on February 19th for $299. In the meantime, Sammy is going to be drumming up interest for the 5.3-inch phone/tablet hybrid and one of […]

New Galaxy S II Ad Jeers iPhone for Lack of 4G

Galaxy S II

The iPhone 4S is a fantastic smartphone. However, the one thing that it lacks, a thing that Apple seems intent on bringing to it next year, are 4G speeds. Well, like many of you, Samsung has taken notice and it has decided to unleash an entire advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II that is […]