FAA Panel Says WiFi Is Safe During Takeoff and Landing


An advisory committee for the Federal Aviation Association has deemed it safe for WiFi devices to be used during takeoff and landing. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 28-member panel has determined that WiFi use is fine during the entire length of a flight, and the committee is endorsing the move. Previously, it recommended that […]

American Airlines Pilots See Health Benefits to iPad Use


In its trial for using Apple, Inc.’s iPad as flight manuals, not only is American Airlines saving the environment in not having to print out paper editions as well as receiving a savings in fuel costs, the airliner has claimed recently that the use of the tablet has helped to reduce pilot back injuries from […]

E-Readers May Be Cleared for Takeoffs, Landings in 2014


The Federal Aviation Administration, or the FAA, in the U.S. may revise its longstanding policies to allow the use of select electronic devices during the sensitive takeoff and landing period. Thus far, no electronic devices are allowed to be powered on during flight when the plane is under 10,000 feet as the FAA says that […]

Senator McCaskill Looking to Change FAA Rules to Allow Gadgets to be Used During Takeoffs, Landings


Senator Claire McCaskill is beginning to draft legislation that challenges the Federal Aviation Administration’s current policy on banning the use of electronic devices during takeoffs and landings. In a public letter to the FAA, McCaskill says, “Simply put, electronic devices that are currently allowed above 10,000 feet should be allowed for use during all phases […]

Virgin Atlantic Now Allows In-Flight Phone Calls

Virgin Atlantic Now Allows In-Flight Phone Calls

Virgin Atlantic has started to allow customers to make phone calls at 35,000 feet on certain flights across the ocean. The airline, according to SFGate, is now allowing customers to both make and receive phone calls during the eight-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, the airline says that the service is only “for […]

Rent an iPad on your next flight to Australia


We all know how long and dreary an airline flight can be.  There always seems to be at least one screaming kid, several people talking to loud, someone snoring, and many other types of distractions.  This is the reason many people travel with iPods, laptops, game systems, and e-readers.  Well, how about an airline that […]

Virgin America CEO Loves His ThinkPad

I sat across the aisle from David Cush on Virgin America’s inaugural flight from SFO to SNA yesterday. He was using a ThinkPad x60 and had a lot of good things to say about it. Naturally, I took the opportunity to shoot a GBM Shortcut. Cush likes ThinkPads’ keyboards so much that he refuses to […]