FAA Finally Allowing Electronic Devices “During All Phases of Flight”


After years of arguing about whether cell phones should be allowed during takeoff and landing of aircrafts, the Federal Aviation Administration has announced today that it’s allowing passengers to use electronic devices “during all phases of flight,” including takeoff and landing. However, the final call will be in the hands of the airlines themselves, so […]

FAA Panel Says WiFi Is Safe During Takeoff and Landing


An advisory committee for the Federal Aviation Association has deemed it safe for WiFi devices to be used during takeoff and landing. According to the Wall Street Journal, theĀ 28-member panel has determined that WiFi use is fine during the entire length of a flight, and the committee is endorsing the move. Previously, it recommended that […]

Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi Review: One Price, All Devices


Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi is an essential travel tool for users who need to stay connected while traveling, delivering a reliable and snappy Internet connection on many flights. In-flight Wi-Fi is rarely found on the planes I travel out of the Midwest, but on return flights it is routinely available. After wrapping up a week in […]

Virgin Atlantic Now Allows In-Flight Phone Calls

Virgin Atlantic Now Allows In-Flight Phone Calls

Virgin Atlantic has started to allow customers to make phone calls at 35,000 feet on certain flights across the ocean. The airline, according to SFGate, is now allowing customers to both make and receive phone calls during the eight-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, the airline says that the service is only “for […]