RemoteLync Offers Fire Safety Features for Mobile Users


*+-If you’ve ever been away from home and wanted to be alerted on your mobile device if your house ever caught on fire, there’s an affordable product that offers that capability. The RemoteLync from Kidde is a simple small box that you plug into any outlet in your house and it will listen for your […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone’s alarm


*+-We all have been there: you wake up in the morning feeling rested and then glance down at your phone to see how late to work you are going to be. Embarrassing, and it can lead to losing your job. With push notifications, phone calls and any other types of alerts, it seems that an […]

5 Funny iPhone Pranks to Liven Up Thanksgiving

iphone screenshotprank

*+-As you head over to Thanksgiving gatherings today, you’ll certainly need to have something to pass the time in between turkey and pie. As more of our friends and family members get smartphones, like the iPhone, it’s easier than ever to pull off some funny pranks by borrowing your cousin’s phone. While some of these […]