Amazon May Announce Two 7-Inch Kindle Fire Tablets Next Week

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

*+-Next week Amazon will unveil its new Kindle Fire tablet, but a new report claims the company won’t have a larger Kindle Fire that we';ve heard rumors about.. According to CNet on September 6 Amazon will announce two 7-inch tablets instead of one 7-inch and one 10-inch like we heard before. At the event Amazon […]

New Kindle Fire Photo Leaks

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

*+-Just a few hours after Amazon announced it “sold out” of the Kindle Fire we have a leaked image of the new Kindle Fire. The photo comes from The Verge and looks like a new 7-inch Amazon tablet. The Verge‘s source says Amazon is working on 7-inch and 10-inch models of the Kindle Fire 2. […]

Amazon Kindle Fire “Sold Out” Ahead of September 6 Event


*+-Amazon’s first Android tablet is sold out 48 weeks after it was first introduced, but a new model is just around the corner. Today Amazon announced the Kindle Fire is sold out in a press release. In the release Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dropped a not-so-subtle hint that his company has a new version of […]

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Could Launch in July


*+-We could be just a month away from the follow-up to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. According to CNET, Amazon is planning a Kindle launch event for July 31 where the company will announce the Kindle Fire 2. The online retailer could also  release a new Kindle and Kindle Touch with front-lit screens like Barnes & Noble’s Nook […]