Spec Showdown: Droid Xyboard vs. iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire

Droid Xyboard

If you’ve been keeping up with your tech news the past few days, and we hope that you have, you would know that Verizon announced two new 4G LTE tablets – the Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 and the Xyboard 10.1. Verizon, courtesy of Droid-Life, has been nice enough to compare some of the top competition […]

Kindle Fire Users Experience Wi-Fi or Internet Connectivity Issues


Users of the Amazon Kindle Fire reported in Amazon’s forums that they’ve been having problems with Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The issues could have something to do with the way the Fire uses the Silk browser, which Amazon touted as a revolutionary way to speed up Internet surfing. The browser, unfortunately, hasn’t lived up to the […]

How To Enable The Kindle Fire’s International Keyboards

Kindle Fire German Keyboard

Those who love the Kindle Fire but want to surf the web or write emails in a language other than English have had to contend with the tablet’s word suggestion engine, and apparently it’s really annoying. Since there’s no way to turn it off, the next best solution is to switch to a keyboard for […]

Kindle Fire Overtakes iPad 2 as Top Selling Tablet at Best Buy

Kindle Fire

We knew that Amazon’s $199 Android-powered tablet, the Kindle Fire, was selling well. After all, it has occupied the top spot at Amazon since before it was released and Amazon itself claimed that it sold more Kindle’s during this Black Friday than any Black Friday before it. And while we still don’t have official numbers, […]

Amazon Kindle Products Dominate Black Friday

Kindle Fire Content

Amazon.com apparently had a really good Black Friday as they’re crowing about it all over the news today. Apparently the company sold four times as many Kindle products this year over last year. This is not a big surprise given than there are four new Kindle products to sell: the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle […]

How to Slightly Increase Silk Browser Performance on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Settings - uncheck Accelerate page loading

When I first got my hands on the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Silk Browser disappointed me the most, even more than the overall performance of the Kindle version of Android. Amazon promised us it would benefit from caching content pulled from the web. They’d be caching it at their own Amazon Web Services (AWS), the […]

Kindle Fire Teardown and Repair Directions

kindle fire teardown

The folks at DirectFix.com have a teardown video on YouTube for the Kindle Fire. (Yes, another one.) If you’ve ever wanted to see the guts of a Fire (or the BlackBerry PlayBook, for that matter), check it out. They’ll also show you how to replace the screen and other components if you ever need to. […]

Review: Amazon Kindle Fire-A Nice Small Flame


The Amazon Kindle Fire is already and will continue to be a much talked about device. My Kindle Fire arrived early and due to a busy schedule I have not had as much time as I would like to play with the device. But, I’ve had enough time in a hectic schedule to discover that […]

Top 7 Things to Do After Firing up Your Kindle Fire

M-Edge Inline Jacket Case for Fire

Like millions of people who pre-ordered the Amazon Kindle Fire, I got mine a day early and for the most part enjoyed using it. Now that I’ve played with it for a couple of days, there are a few things I’d recommend doing to get the most out of the new 7″ Android-powered tablet. Set […]

Ditching iPad 2 for the Kindle Fire For a Day

Diting the iPad to for the Kindle Fire

Can an iPad 2 lover ditch Apple’s awesome tablet in favor of the Kindle Fire for a whole day? In a word, almost. I decided to give it a try. The Wednesday after the Fire shipped, I left my iPad at home for the day – or at least most of it. Reading That morning I sat […]

iFixIt Tears Down Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Just a couple of days after they tore down the Motorola Droid RAZR for the world to see, iFixIt is back once again and have torn down Amazon’s Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet. So if you’ve been curious to see what makes Jeff Bezos’ $200 tablet tick, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, the tear down didn’t reveal […]

Amazon Fire (Mistakenly?) Allows Third-Party App Installs… Like the Nook

Nook app on the Kindle Fire

At the Kindle Fire unveiling, Amazon execs were quite clear that no sideloading of apps would be allowed on the device even though it is Android. This wasn’t a big surprise. They’d clearly modeled the Fire after the Nook Color, which has the same restriction unless you root it. However, Mashable’s Christina Warren discovered that […]

Kindle Fire Orders Begin Shipping A Day Early

Kindle Fire

While some of you are still trying to decide whether to pick up a Kindle Fire from Amazon, a Nook Tablet from Barnes and Noble or something else entirely, Amazon has let those that have made the the Kindle Fire their final decision know that their pre-orders have begun to ship a day earlier than […]

Kindle Fire Will Have ESPN and Hulu Plus at Launch

Kindle Fire

Amazon’s Kindle Fire seemingly gets better by the day as the company has just announced that the device will have both ESPN and Hulu Plus on board when it launches next week on November 15th. The announcement comes just a few short days after Amazon confirmed that a Netflix app would also be on board […]

Amazon App Store 2.0 Arrives Just in Time for the Kindle Fire

Amazon App Store

With the launch of the Kindle Fire just around the corner, Amazon has gone ahead and released a major update to its App Store for Android that takes it to version 2.0 and adds a variety of changes and a new UI. The update installs a UI that is congruent with the Kindle Fire in […]

The Kindle Fire Will Include Netflix as an App

Amazon confirms Kindle Fire will have Netflix – New Tech Gadgets & Electronic Devices | Geek.com

Interesting. In a press release timed to pump up the volume a bit about the Kindle Fire release next week, Amazon is listing a number of Apps that will appear on the device when it comes out of the box. In addition to some of the standards (Facebook, Pandora, Twitter, etc…) the Kindle Fire will […]