Gift Guide: Geek Gifts for Non-Geeks

iPhoto Photo Book Layout

Face it, many of the people on your shopping list this holiday seasons have no interest in the geeky gifts that you would love to give them. They don’t want a smartphone and have no interest in a computer, or anything to do with either one of them. However, they might be someone who needs […]

What’s Your Preferred eBook Experience?


eBooks and eReaders are big deals these days and about to become a bigger deal with the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color 2 going head to head in mid-November. And don’t forget Amazon has a range of devices to offer. While we’ve been able to read eBooks on digital devices for quite some time […]

eReader Gift Guide – Best Devices for eBook Lovers


eReaders continue to top many holiday wish lists despite predictions that tablets would eliminate them in short order. They flourish thanks to steady improvement in page turn rates, eInk display technology, and now the addition of touch capabilities. The ever more reasonable prices don’t hurt, either. Voracious bibliophiles and casual novel snackers alike love eReaders […]

Amazon Kindle 4 Review: Nice Update at a Great Price

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Amazon’s new $79 Kindle 4 brings reading eBooks to a lot more people thanks to a nice smaller design and a great price. The upgrade cuts a few features like audio and a physical keyboard in order to hit that price and slim it down. Most people won’t miss them. The smaller, lightweight design makes […]

Kindle Fire is Hot! Over 200,000 Pre-Orders So Far


Amazon’s Kindle Fire hasn’t even been launched yet and the online retailer’s debut first-generation touchscreen tablet has already generated over 200,000 pre-orders by some estimates. The device attracted the attention of the world due to its modern specs, clean design, and low $200 price point. The 7-inch dual-core tablet garnered over 95,000 pre-orders when it […]

Kindle Fire Now #1 Bestselling Item On Amazon

Amazon Kindle Fire landscape

People are kind of excited for the Kindle Fire. So much so that it’s currently listed as the #1 selling item on just above the new Kindles which are just above the old Kindles, crowding everything else from the top 10. All this before most people have even touched the thing. What is it […]

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Color

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Barnes and Noble Nook Color

Yesterday’s Kindle Fire announcement added heat to the tablet market, sparking speculation that it could be an “iPad Killer” not just because it costs $199 but also because it has the Amazon branding behind it. But comparing the Kindle Fire to the iPad isn’t completely apropos. They’re different sizes — 7 versus 9.7 inches — […]

Video: Amazon Kindle Touch Hands-On – Not So Different From The Nook?

Kindle Touch

It’s hard not to compare the new Kindle Touch introduced today to Barnes & Noble’s Nook Touch or even the Kobo Touch, both of which came out this spring. Amazon’s offering doesn’t bring much that’s new to the table except the Kindle experience in a sleeker package. However, Kindle fans will probably like this just […]

Why I Pre-ordered a Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

I just pre-ordered an Amazon Kindle Fire Android tablet, announced today at Amazon’s press event in New York City. Why would I jump without ever seeing the thing? Let me share a few reasons I decided to buy the Kindle Fire today. Android on Amazon’s Ecosystem The most significant draw of this device has to […]

Kindle Fire Will Cost $199


Amazon’s unveiling of its Tablet competitor, the Kindle Fire is being unveiled at a press conference that’s ongoing. Meanwhile Bloomberg is reporting out front that the price will be $199. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s color Tablet running its own version of Android. We’ll have more as the event goes on.

Amazon Announcing Kindle Tablet on September 28th?

Amazon Invite

Amazon has started sending out invites for a press event scheduled to take place in New York City on September 28th and there is rampant speculation that the company might unveil its tablet plans. Earlier this month, we heard that a device called the Kindle Tablet was a real thing and it looks like Amazon […]

Read Library Books On Your Amazon Kindle Starting Today

kindle library books

Today Amazon announced that Kindle owners will finally be able to read eBooks from their local libraries on the device. A similar service for eReaders compatible with ePUB books — Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, and more — has been available since 2009. Now that Amazon is getting into the game, millions more customers […]

My Hopes for Amazon’s Tablet


Depending on what rumors or what blog posts you read, we know a little more about Amazon’s coming Tablet. MG Siegler’s post on TechCrunch has some credibility because he’s apparently handled a prototype. But then, on the cautious side, we all know how prototypes (even the unofficially officially leaked ones) can give us a misleading […]

The Tablet Challenge: Using a Tablet as a Script in Rehearsal


As I continue to check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the HP TouchPad, along with my ongoing usage of the iPad 2, I’m about to begin an interesting two week challenge. OK, that’s not being intellectually honest. This is one of those instances in my ongoing comparison testing when the the iPad 2 […]

The Amazon Kindle App Finally Shows Up on the HP TouchPad


Well, whadda ya know? HP in doing all of its spinning, dodging and weaving since they decided to call the July 1 launch of the HP TouchPad and claim that yesterday, July 17 was the real launch, let it be known that the missing Amazon Kindle App would appear shortly. Well, it appeared today, or […]

The Perils of Bringing a Tablet to Market


Making a Tablet is not easy. Making one in the wake of the giant path Apple has carved out as it raced to what many perceive is an insurmountable lead is even tougher. We’ve seen many hotly hyped Tablets come and most of those have met with less than enthusiastic responses from the market and […]