Barnes and Noble Announces Touch-enabled Nook with E-Ink & 2 Month Battery

Barnes and Noble Nook

Barnes and Noble is going to be offering a new Nook with a touch screen to compete with the Amazon Kindle and the new touch-enabled Kobo eReader. The new Simple Touch Reader from Barnes and Noble will retail for $139 and boasts 2 months of battery life and a  touch-enabled black-and-white E-Ink screen that is readable outdoors and […]

Kindle Getting Library Lending at 11,000 libraries in 2011


Amazon has just announced that the Kindle will allow users to check out books from their local libraries later this year. To bring library lending to the Kindle, Amazon has partnered with Overdrive, the leading provider of library eBooks which will bring library lending to the Kindle device and Kindle apps at over 11,000 libraries. For the […]

Nook Subscribers Get Free Access to New York Times Online

NOOK Color

Within the past two weeks, both and Barnes and Noble have formed partnerships with the New York Times, providing people who subscribe to the paper through their respective eReaders with free access to the publication’s website. The New York Times recently established an expensive pay-wall which limits the number of articles a reader can view on their website […]

On the Road 2011: The Great Chicago Pligrimage Begins


Yep, it is that time of the year when I begin a three month period of traveling. Visiting family and friends, auditions, and some other work finds my wife and I packing up the Honda Fit and hitting the road. We prefer to drive on these trips because we’re a bit more in control of […]

Is the Paperback Era Coming to an End?


Amazon already sells more eBooks than hardcover books and is predicting that it will sell more digital books than paperbacks by the end of next year. That’s a pretty bold prediction, but not all that surprising considering how easy it is to buy books on so many devices. Is 2011 really going to mark the […]

No Surprise: Amazon Announces New Kindle $139 WiFi Only $189 3G


Please tell me you saw this coming. Amazon is announcing its next generation Kindle. It’s not the Kindle 3, it’s just called the Kindle. There are two radio options and price points. A $139 WiFi only model and a $189 3G model that will use AT&T. This will be rolling out on August 27th. Amazon […]

Amazon to Add Video and Audio to iDevice Apps

Amazon.com_ Kindle Editions with Audio-Video

Amazon is adding audio and video to its Kindle App for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. As of this writing the new version doesn’t appear to be in the App Store, but there are several book titles that take advantage of the new features available for purchase. Some of these include Rose’s Heavenly Cakes […]

Is the Future 1,000 Hour eInk Devices?


Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was at the D8 conference pushing his company’s Mirasol Display. Like other eInk solutions, Mirasol Displays sip power at a much slower rate than the displays we find in most devices today. In fact, LaptopMag is reporting that Jacobs said devices with a Mirasol Display could help devices run 10x to […]

Bloomberg: New Kindle in August


We already know that whatever Amazon comes out with next for its Kindle that it won’t have a color screen. Bloomberg is reporting that when it quotes a couple of unidentified sources that whatever the new Kindle will be we’ll see it debut this August. According to Bloomberg, the new Kindle will be thinner and […]

Barnes & Noble Plays Catch up with iPad App


One thing you can say about reading books on the iPad, you have some choice available to you as to what platform you want to read from. Obviously there is Apple’s iBooks reader and store, and I think everyone was pleasantly surprised when Amazon had its Kindle App available for that platform at the US […]

Asus to Pre-Install Amazon Kindle App on Some Computers


Location, location, location. Turns out Amazon is working with notebook/netbook maker Asus to have its Kindle App pre-installed on some Asus models. Users could certainly install the app themselves and have had that capability for some time now. While some may view the icon showing up on the desktop as CRAPWARE, I’m sure it will […]

Summer Debut for Android Kindle App Allows You to Buy Books


There’s no surprise that Amazon will be bringing its Kindle App to the Android platform. In fact, many have been wondering what’s taken so long. But Amazon says it will roll out this summer and the big news of the announcement is that users will be able to purchase books directly from the app. Up […]

Kindle 2.5 knows what you like, suggests it to others


Good news, bad news bubbling up over a new feature in the Kindle 2.5 software. Good news is your Kindle backs up your notes and highlights to Amazon’s servers. Bad news is Amazon analyzes that data – your data – to suggest passages to others.

Amazon Kindle comes to Target

Amazon Kindle

It looks like Amazon is hoping on the same bandwagon as the Sony e-readers and the Barnes and Noble nook.  They are looking to bring their e-reader, the Amazon Kindle, to a brick and mortar retailer.  And who did they choose?  Target! Target has announced that it will begin to carry the Amazon Kindle this […]

Amazon Kindle App Updated for iPad


It looks like Amazon has updated and Apple has approved the Kindle app for the iPad. I just did an update via iTunes and the Kindle App is now appearing in the Apps folder under iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps. eBook Wars are now in full swing.

Rumor: Amazon to Give Away Kindle to Prime Subscribers


Well there’s one way to make sure you gadget gets into folks hands when you’re in a competitive war. Give it away. That’s the rumor floating around from TechCrunch. Essentially a source is saying that Amazon is considering giving all Amazon Prime subscribers a Kindle for free, although there are no details and the rumor […]

Amazon Opens Up Kindle to Developers with SDK

Amazon is making some moves in what looks like a play to stay ahead of the game before Apple releases its Tablet, that is assumed as a magnet for the publishing industry to try and save its woes. Amazon just yesterday announced a new royalty structure for authors, giving them a larger piece of the […]

On The Road 2010: Heading Home


Today as you read this, my lovely wife Thomasin and I are on the road after our annual pilgrimage to Chicago to visit family and friends. It’s the only extended vacation we get and we choose to spend it with family and friends back in her home town and where I worked for 20 years […]