Thanksgiving Travel: These Airlines Are Now Boarding Personal Electronics


All gadgets aboard! With the Thanksgiving holiday season fast approaching in the U.S. and after the Federal Aviation Administration has cleared the way for the use of personal electronic devices on all phases of flight, these airlines have now cleared the way for your smartphones, tablets, and ereaders to remain powered on throughout the entire […]

American Airlines Pilots See Health Benefits to iPad Use


In its trial for using Apple, Inc.’s iPad as flight manuals, not only is American Airlines saving the environment in not having to print out paper editions as well as receiving a savings in fuel costs, the airliner has claimed recently that the use of the tablet has helped to reduce pilot back injuries from […]

American Airlines Using iPad Flight Bag for Nearly All Manuals

ipad flight bag app

American Airlines became the first airline in the country to put nearly all of its flight manuals on iPads except forĀ one small emergency procedures manual. The iPad Flight Bag app gives pilots quick access to all of their flight manuals at their fingertips. Pilots love this approach, as people can see in the video below. […]

New American Airlines Caters to Connected Travelers


Today American Airlines debuted its company-wide refresh and part of that refresh will help travelers stay connected on their smartphones, tablets and laptops during flights. On all domestic flights American Airlines will now offer inflight Wi-Fi as well as power outlets to charge devices, which is especially useful for long cross-country flights. The airline will […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now Available For In-Flight Entertainment (For Some)


Flying long distance American Airlines? Lucky (or rich) enough to be in first or business class? Then your flying experience is about to get a lot more tablet-tastic. Starting today, passengers in the fancy seats won’t have to contend with the same plebeian in-flight entertainment system as the folks in coach. Instead, the flight attendants […]

iPads Now FAA Certified for American Airlines Cockpits


American Airlines is now first out of the gate with FAA certification for iPad use in cockpits on its fleet of jets. American Airlines had begun testing iPads for use in various phases of flight this summer with the blessing of the FAA and now the airline has become the first in the world to […]

American Airlines Wi-Fi Announcement Coming Soon


Want to go mobile in a whole new way? Over the past several months, American Airlines has been testing Wi-Fi on three routes. A rep from American Airlines is telling us in a meeting at CntrStg that they expect to make an announcement very soon regarding their tests, and when the rest of us might […]