American Express Did Not Agree to Join Google Wallet


It looks like in updating its Google Wallet app earlier this week to finally support all major debit and credit cards, Google may have jumped the gun as card service American Express claims that it never agreed to be part of Google’s mobile wallet app. The app, which is available for select smartphones on Sprint’s […]

Top 5 New iPad Warranty and Insurance Options Compared

The new iPad 3rd Generation is on the way to home and stores across the country, which means it will soon be in your hands, where you’ll be able to drop it and break it. The iPad isn’t a cheap gadget, and in drop tests the iPad doesn’t do so well. Even if you plan […]

Why Pre-ordering an iPhone 4S With a Credit Card is Best


If you want the new iPhone (whether it turns out to be an iPhone 4s or 5) and want to protect your investment, be sure to pre-order with your credit card. Card companies often offer extra warranty coverage and help protect you if you damage it, get a faulty phone or if something goes wrong […]

Sprint Brings Back Mail-In Rebates, With A Twist


Remember back in July when we heard that Sprint would be bringing back mail-in rebates on July 24th? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, it did happen today, August 18th. That’s right, Sprint has announced that it has brought back mail-in rebates with a little bit of a twist. So, this is how it works. If […]

iPhone Owners Trust Apple With Mobile Wallet Over Mastercard and Visa

NFC and Mobile Wallet Survey

Google is hoping that millions of Android users will jump at the chance to turn their smartphone into a wallet with Google Wallet, but based on the results of a survey by Retrevo Google is facing an uphill battle. Not only are iPhone owners more interested in a mobile wallet than Android owners, but only 21% of […]