Stress Gives LG G Flex Major Acne


It’s been known that many humans will breakout with acne under stress, and the same could also be said about certain electronics. Users are reporting that the LG G Flex could also develop bumps on the display when stressed or flexed too often. Fortunately, though, if you choose to believe the South Korean manufacturer, LG […]

Samsung’s iPad Air Rival Tipped for Early 2014


Samsung’s tablet aspirations haven’t slowed down. In fact, next year we’re hearing Samsung will be shifting more focus from its popular and thriving smartphone initiative over to help improve the Galaxy Tab series, which isn’t what we’d consider a top-selling Android tablet. In order to compete with the impressive yet aggressively priced Nexus 7, or […]

Some Galaxy Note 3 Will Come With LCD Screens, But Will Users Want It?

As pictured: Galaxy Note 2

A new report suggests that like with processor variants on the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung may have variants of its upcoming Galaxy Note 3 phablet with different screen technologies. This means that while the majority of the Galaxy Note 3 devices that will hit the market will continue to use Samsung’s HD Super AMOLED […]

Samsung Prepping Full HD Super AMOLED for Galaxy Tab 8?


Samsung may be working on an 8-inch panel with a full HD 1080p display to combat the likely arrival of an updated Apple iPad mini with Retina Display later this year. According to Sam Mobile, Samsung’s Super AMOLED display with a 1920 X 1200 resolution will debut this fall at the IFA 2013 conference in Germany. […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Production Reportedly Ready for March Launch

Galaxy S4 Display

Samsung Display is reportedly ramping up production of the 4.99-inch Full HD display which sources expect will debut in the Galaxy S4 in March. Samsung first showed off the 1080p HD display on a roadmap at CES 2013 in early January, and it appears that Samsung Display is ready to, or has already started mass production of […]

Samsung Explores New Shapes to Pack More Pixels Into Displays


Apple had created the war of pixels for the sharpest looking display when it debuted the iPhone 4 several years ago with its Retina Display. At the time, CEO Steve Jobs says that it’s named as such because the screen has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, and anything over 300 ppi is […]

Samsung’s New AMOLED Display to Out-Retina Apple


Apple has created instant marketing and PR buzz when it debuted its iPhone 4 smartphone with the Retina Display in which late CEO Steve Jobs says that the naked eye cannot discern individual pixels with a 326 pixel-per-inch resolution. Since then, Android smartphone manufacturers have tried to match and out-class the Retina Display resolution beginning […]

Flexible Displays Coming to Samsung Smartphone End of 2012


It looks like flexible displays may be the hot tech buzz for 2012 as Samsung is reportedly planning to debut a smartphone with a flexible AMOLED display by the end of this year. The South Korean electronics manufacturer is going to start manufacturing flexible AMOLED panels this quarter according to Korean publication DDaily. Most recently, the […]

PenTile AMOLED Display Used on Galaxy S III to Increase Lifespan


Many were wondering why Samsung had opted to use its HD Super AMOLED display, rather than an HD variant of the Super AMOLED Plus technology, on the company’s flagship Galaxy S III flagship smartphone, and Samsung answered that question by saying that the lifespan of the device will be increased as the screen won’t deteriorate […]

Sony to Release First Xperia Handset With AMOLED Display Later This Year


Expanding out from its LCD comfort zone on smartphones, Sony (formerly Sony Ericsson) will be releasing an Xperia smartphone with an AMOLED screen in the second half of this year. All prior and current smartphones from Sony and Sony Ericsson have utilized LCD panels, and recently Sony has began to expand its marketing efforts for […]

Nokia Displays Its Crisp, Sharp Clear Black Display (CBD) Technology


Nokia has been heavily promoting its smartphones, both AMOLED and LCD sporting phones, with its patented Clear Black Display, or CBD, technology. So what exactly is Clear Black Display and why is it good for consumers? On a superficial explanation, CBD allows screens to be brighter, crisper, and more readable under direct sunlight without looking […]

LG Announces Optimus Sol Android Phone with Ultra AMOLED Display


LG has just announced the Optimus Sol, which is a mid-range Android handset, for Europe, Central America, and South America. The device will ship with a 3.8-inch WVGA display with Ultra AMOLED technology, which is said to help improve outdoors readability of the screen and eliminate glare. The single-core Snapdragon phone has a 1 GHz […]

Will Samsung Celox Launch with a Super AMOLED HD Screen?


In a prior leak, we had learned that the Samsung Celox may be a re-vamped Galaxy S II device with a 4.5-inch display and 4G LTE network support, but could this device also sport a higher resolution HD 1,280 X 720 display with Super AMOLED or Super AMOLED Plus screen technology? Nothing’s known quite yet, […]

New Images of Symbian Belle-Powered Nokia 700 Zeta Leak Out

Nokia 700 zeta front

New images have emerged of a forthcoming Nokia smartphone, called the Nokia 700 Zeta, which will come pre-loaded with the Symbian^3 Belle software update. The device will take a departure from Nokia’s traditional smartphone naming convention–which is currently in series right now for the N, E, C, and X series–for a simpler three-number name. The […]