Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

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This Galaxy Note 4 Review will focus on the three most attractive features of this big Android phone: the S Pen, 5.7″ display and great camera. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best, and unique, Android phones available and one that every big-phone shopper should at least consider. Samsung gave me a Galaxy […]

HTC One Android 4.3 Update Details Coming Soon

Verizon HTC One Review -  002

HTC President Jason Mackenzie has promised HTC One Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update details for owners in the United States at some point this week, though, he stopped short of confirming updates for this week saying that owners need to “stay tuned” for update information and that the company is waiting for approval for the […]

AT&T Scores Another Galaxy S4 Exclusive

AT&T starts taking pre-orders for the device tomorrow.

One of the four new Samsung Galaxy S4 colors will be arriving in the United States with AT&T announcing that it will stock the red Galaxy S4 starting in June with a pre-order planned for tomorrow. In recent weeks, we’ve seen a number of new Samsung Galaxy S4 colors emerge from the shadows, including a […]

Google Keeps Honeycomb Close To Home For Now


Very, very interesting move on Google’s part here, but it might be too little too late. According to Andy Rubin, Mr. All-Things-Android at Google, it is going to be some time before Google releases Honeycomb to the community. What’s that you say? We’re already seeing Honeycomb devices out there and promised. That’s right. The big […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review Roundup


The Samsung Galaxy Tab is being released now in the US, at least on T-Mobile. Those wanting to choose the other carriers will have to wait a few days or so. So, the reviews from the major US media are coming out. Here’s a quick roundup of the ones I found of interest. As expected […]

Let’s Add “Open” To the Language Casualty List


The carriers succeeded in mangling the English language when the marketing geniuses equated “unlimited” with 5GB of data. Some raised a stink, but most just went merrily along. Now it looks like the word, and indeed the concept of “open” might be the next casualty. This has actually been going on for some time now […]

Security Holes: Is this the cost of an open source Mobile OS?


Is your data safe? With so many people using smart phones now, it’s only a matter of time before evil deeds begin to unravel. We trust our smart phones with so much private, sensitive info about our lives. We have all our friends and families contact data in there, many have their credit cards and […]

Augen CEO: Android Market on GenTouch78 was “Unintentional”


I could be catty and snarky and say that it looks like other Tablet/Slate makers are not only playing “me too” in trying to imitate Apple’s iPad, but also do so on the spinning  PR front. Maybe I just did. Anyway, Laptop Mag, who broke the story on Augen using an unlicensed build of Android […]

Thoughts on GBM and What We Cover


It’s time for some conversation. Yesterday some tensions that we on the GBM team think have been bubbling for awhile boiled over in the comments to this post. So, I’d like to address them. It’s not just addressing the comments, it is more about addressing the mission of GBM, how I see that mission, clearing […]

Dell’s Streak Tablet Peeks Out


Engadget came up with a shot of Dell’s Streak Tablet that everyone knows is coming. Heck some folks are even carrying them around.  The news is that it appears like we’ll be seeing 7 and 10 inch models. When? Well, nothing is certain on that front just like nothing is sure on the price point […]